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International Criminal Law


In addition to the official websites of the international criminal courts and tribunals, these key online resources provide access to jurisprudence, preparatory works, and other relevant documents. 


Lexsitus is a free resource from the Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP) that provides access to lectures, a commentary, preparatory works, case law, and digests on the Rome Statute and Rules of Procedure and Evidence.

Tutorials on how to use Lexsitus are available here

ICC Legal Tools Database

The ICC Legal Tools Database is the most comprehensive online database for international criminal law research, providing access to documents from the international and hybrid criminal courts and tribunals as well as national criminal jurisdictions. The database also includes materials from the UN War Crimes Commission, international(ised) fact-finding mandates, and other publications. The database provides a Persistent URL (PURL) for each document, which allows users to cite to these documents without worry that the link to the document will break in the future. 

Videos and brochures offering guidance on how to use the Legal Tools Database and Case Matrix are available here