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Law Journals' Guide to Source & Cite

This guide is designed to help journal students locate and request materials for source and cite checking assignments.

Citations to Newspapers & Magazines

Citations to Newspapers & Magazines

Bluebook Rule 16.6 covers citations to periodicals, which includes journals, newspapers and magazines.

Rule 16.6(f) now states that "Online newspapers may be used in place of print newspapers. Cite to the online source directly in accordance with rule 18.2.2.  Pagination can be included if available, but is not necessary."

Locating Newspaper & Magazine Articles

Locating Newspaper Articles

The ProQuest Digital Microfilm database contains PDFs of recent articles from major newspapers. For less recent newspaper articles, use the ProQuest News & Newspapers database. PDF versions of these articles are restricted up to a certain date, which varies depending on the paper.


 PDF Coverage

 ProQuest News 


 PDF Coverage

 ProQuest Digital Microfilm

Chicago Tribune (Historical)  1849 - 1994 Chicago Tribune (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)
Los Angeles Times (Historical)  1881 - 1994 Los Angeles Times (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)
New York Times (Historical)  1851 - 2014 New York Times (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)
Wall Street Journal (Historical)  1989 - 2000 Wall Street Journal (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)
Washington Post  1877 - 2001 Washington Post (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)
Chicago Defender  1910 - 1975 Boston Globe (Current)  2008-present (3 mo. embargo)


Additionally, Northwestern now provides direct access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for law students, staff and faculty. 

For other newspapers or magazines, follow the same strategy as when locating a journal article. Use Find a Journal to see if we have access to the title in any of our databases. Note that one title may be available in multiple databases and that the dates of coverage may vary between databases.

Interlibrary Loan - When to Request a Newspaper Article via ILL

Because Bluebook Rule 16.6(f) states that online newspapers may be used in place of print newspapers, if the article is available electronically in any format, including on Lexis or Westlaw, we will not submit an ILL request for the article. Cite to the electronic version of the article.