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Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools help you organize, manage, and format citations for your research. These tools allow you to quickly create a bibliography based on the sources you have saved. The library supports the following tools: Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeley. NU Libraries does not have a subscription to RefWorks. 

To export records of books, articles, and other materials from NUsearch to use with one of these citation management tools, click on either the "EXPORT BIBTEX," "ENDNOTE," or "ENDNOTE WEB" options. Use "EXPORT BIBTEX" if you are planning to import these records into Zotero or Mendeley. 


Northwestern University licenses EndNote for all current Northwestern students, faculty, and staff. You can download and install EndNote for Windows or Mac using this link from NU IT. EndNote offers a Bluebook style for footnotes and a Bluebook style for briefs, but the output will require significant cleanup. 


Zotero offers an option to create a bibliography in Bluebook format, but the Bluebook format created by this product is terrible (e.g., book titles exclude author names, no large and small caps, journal publication names are not abbreviated, etc.). You are much better off exporting the bibliography to Chicago style and then revising the citations to adhere to Bluebook format. 


Mendeley is a free reference manager with an option to purchase a premium plan for additional storage. You can download and install Mendeley using this link. Mendeley offers a Bluebook style option, but the output is terrible. Like with Zotero, you are much better off exporting citations to Chicago style and then revising them to adhere to Bluebook format.