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Ethiopia: Center for International Human Rights


This guide is intended to assist students in the Center for International Human Rights with researching Ethiopian law as well as Ethiopia's obligations under international law. 

Research Process

Use the following strategy to efficiently find laws and cases from Ethiopia:
Step 1: Consult secondary sources such as journal articles or news articles to familiarize yourself with the topic and the relevant law(s) and to identify relevant cases. 
Step 2: Using a research guide to assist you (including this one), identify relevant resources where you can access legal materials from Ethiopia.
Step 3: Retrieve or search for the foreign legal materials using the suggested resources.
Note that Westlaw and Lexis do not provide access to laws and cases from Ethiopia. You will need to rely on a combination of free websites (including government websites) and databases to find legal materials from Ethiopia. 
This research guide was last updated August 21, 2020.