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Accessing State Court Dockets

The process is the same for accessing both federal and state dockets on Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, and Lexis+.  However, it is important to note that the actual court filings are only sporadically available for state court cases on each of these services.


If the dockets and/or filings are not electronically available for your case on Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, or Lexis+, the next best option is to visit the court’s website.  In addition to locating your court’s website via Google, ( is a helpful, well-maintained resource.


Finally, if the above-discussed strategies prove unsuccessful, a visit to the Clerk’s office for your court, either personally or via a courier service, is likely necessary.  Make sure to contact the Clerk’s office in advance to learn of any fees or other logistical considerations before your visit.

Cook County Docket Research

The Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court provides electronic dockets for cases filed in its Civil, Law, Chancery, and Domestic Relations divisions.  To search these dockets, visit for more information.