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Writing a Law Journal Note or Comment

This guide is intended to assist members of law journals at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law with writing and publishing Notes or Comments.

Opportunities to Publish Beyond Your Journal

Each law journal makes a specific number of publication offers for Notes and Comments, and unfortunately not all members' Notes or Comments will be selected for publication due to limited space in the following volume. If your Note or Comment is not selected by your law journal for publication, there are outside opportunities available to publish your work. 

Submit to Other Law Journals

The Washington and Lee School of Law - Law Journals: Submissions and Ranking website is a helpful database to assist you with determining which journals to submit your Note to for publication consideration. However, you should always check a law journal's submission policy prior to submitting to that journal because many law journals do not accept submissions by current law students at other schools.

For additional assistance in determining which journals accept submissions by current law students, please see Levit, MacLachlan & Rostron's Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication

Most law journals prefer to receive submissions via electronic submission systems. The two most commonly used electronic submission systems are: