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Treatises by Topic

Guide to finding secondary sources on a specific subject

Treatises Overview

Treatises provide in-depth treatment of a single topic, like Evidence, Torts, Contracts or Criminal Law.   Because treatises focus on one area of law unlike encyclopedias that cover a range of topics, they provide a much deeper level of analysis. 

The leading treatises on a topic are often multi-volumes and are referred to by the name of their original author or editor, such as Moore's Federal Practice or Wigmore on Evidence.

Many treatises are available online via Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law, but the same treatises are not available on every database.  For example, a contracts treatise published by Lexis (Corbin on Contracts) will only be available on LexisAdvance, but West will publish a similar treatise (Williston on Contracts) that is only available on WestlawNext.

Recommended Treatises by Topic

Treatises listed with author, publisher and location.
MON refers to the Monograph section of the library, located on Rubloff 2nd floor.   Items On Reserve can be checked out at the Circulation Desk. 



  • Antitrust laws and trade regulation (Julian O. von Kalinowski)  Lexis
  • Antitrust Law (Phillip E. Areeda) (Aspen)  MON KF 1649 .A8

  Bankruptcy Law

  • Collier on Bankruptcy  MON KF 1524 .C6  On Reserve  Lexis

 Business and Commercial Law

  • Blumberg on corporate groups (Aspen)  MON KF 1465 .B58
  • Cox & Hazen on Corporations (Aspen)  MON KF 1414 .C69
  • Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations – “Fletcher’s”  MON KF 1384 .F55 Westlaw
  • The Practitioner’s Guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (ABA)    MON KF 1446 .A312002 P73
  • Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors (William E. Knepper)  Lexis
  • The Business Judgment Rule (Prentice Hall Law & Business) MON KF 1423 .R33
  • Uniform Commercial Code (White and Summers) (West)   MON KF 890 .W45 On Reserve

  Civil Procedure

  • Federal Practice and Procedure (Wright and Miller)    MON KF 8840 .W68  On Reserve Westlaw
  • Moore’s Federal Practice     MON KF 8820.A313 M63   On Reserve  Lexis
  • Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure (Lawyers Cooperative Pub.) MON KF 8840 .C93 Westlaw
  • Discovery Practice (Aspen)  MON KF 8900 .H42   Westlaw

 Constitutional Law, Civil Rights

  • Treatise on Constitutional Law (Nowak & Rotunda)  MON KF 4550 .R63   On Reserve Westlaw
  • American Constitutional Law (Laurence Tribe) (Foundation Press)    MON KF 4550 .T785  On Reserve
  • Constitutional Rights of the Accused (Joseph G. Cook)   Westlaw


  • Williston on Contracts   MON KF 801 .W53  On Reserve   Westlaw
  • Corbin on Contracts   KF 801 .C65    On Reserve   Lexis
  • Modern Law of Contracts (Howard O. Hunter)  MON KF 801 .H85  Westlaw
  • Farnsworth on Contracts (Aspen)     MON KF 801 .F3   On Reserve
  • Murray on Contracts (Lexis)   MON KF 801 .M87 Lexis

 Criminal Law and Procedure

  • Criminal Procedure (Wayne LaFave) (West) MON KF 9619 .C745  On Reserve   Westlaw
  • Wharton’s Criminal Law (West)   Westlaw
  • Criminal Trial Techniques (West)  MON KF 9656 .B35  Westlaw

Entertainment and Sports Law

  • Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts (West)    Westlaw
  • Entertainment Law and Litigation (Charles J. Harder) Lexis

Environmental Law

  • Treatise on Environmental Law (Frank P. Grad)    Lexis 


  • Wigmore on Evidence (Aspen / Wolters Kluwer)   MON KF 8935 .W55
  • Jones on Evidence (Lawyers Co-Op)    MON KF 8935 .F57   Westlaw
  • Handbook of Federal Evidence   Westlaw
  • Wharton’s Criminal Evidence      Westlaw
  • Federal Evidence (Mueller & Kirkpatrick)  Westlaw

 Family Law

  • Adoption Law and Practice (Joan H. Hollinger)   Lexis

 Insurance Law

  • Couch on Insurance (West)    Westlaw
  • Insurance Law and Practice (Appleman) Lexis

Intellectual Property Law

  • Intellectual Property: the Law of Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks (Schechter & Thomas) (West) MON KF 2980 .S34   On Reserve
  • Chisum on Patents  Lexis
  • Patent Law Fundamentals   Westlaw
  • Moy's Walker on Patents   Westlaw
  • Milgrim on Licensing    Lexis
  • McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition    KF 3180 .M29 1996  Westlaw
  • Gilson on Trademark Protection and Practice    Lexis
  • Goldstein on Copyright (Aspen) MON KF 2994 .G655 2005
  • Nimmer on Copyright   Lexis

 Labor and Employment Law

  • Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law    Lexis
  • ERISA Practice and Procedure     Westlaw
  • Guide to Employment Law & Regulation  Westlaw
  • Employment Discrimination (Lex Larson)       Lexis
  • Employment Discrimination Law (Barbara Lindemann) (BNA)    MON KF 3464 .L56     On Reserve
  • Labor and Employment Law (N. Peter Lareau)  Lexis
  • The Developing Labor Law: The Board, the Courts, and the National Labor Relations Act  (BNA) Bloomberg Law


  • Powell on Real Property       Lexis
  • Thompson on Real Property      Lexis
  • Real Estate Finance Law        MON KF 695 .N45   On Reserve  Westlaw
  • Nichols’ The Law of Eminent Domain    Lexis
  • The Law of Easements and Licenses in Land Westlaw

Securities Law

  • Securities Regulation (Louis Loss) (Aspen)    MON KF 1070 .L62
  • Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation (Thomas Lee Hazen)     MON KF 1439 .H392  Westlaw
  • Securities and Federal Corporate Law (Harold Bloomenthal)   Westlaw
  • Bromberg and Lowenfels on Securities Fraud  MON KF 1070 .B76  On Reserve  Westlaw


  • The Law of Torts (Dan Dobbs) (West)   MON KF 1250 .D59    On Reserve Westlaw
  • Stein on Personal Injury Damages Westlaw
  • Litigating Tort Cases Westlaw
  • Modern Tort Law: Liability & Litigation     Westlaw
  • Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses and Damages Lexis
  • Damages in Tort Actions Lexis
  • The American Law of Torts (Stuart Speiser) (West)   MON KF 1250 .S568   On Reserve
  • Recovery for Wrongful Death    Westlaw
  • Sack on Defamation Bloomberg Law
  • Law of Defamation (Rodney Smolla)  Westlaw
  • Products Liability (Louis Frumer)       Lexis
  • American Law of Products Liability   Westlaw
  • The Law of Products Liability (Marshall Shapo) (CCH)  MON KF 1296 .S43    On Reserve


  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (Bittker & Eustice) MON KF 6464 .B5   Westlaw
  • Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners MON KF 6452 .M263   Westlaw
  • Federal Income, Gift, and Estate Taxation (Jacob Rabkin) Lexis
  • Federal Income Taxation of Individuals Westlaw 

Wills and Trusts

  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates (West hornbook)  MON KF 755 .M34
  • Page on the Law of Wills MON KF 755 .P3412  On Reserve   Lexis
  • Scott on Trusts (Aspen)    MON KF 730 .S3  On Reserve
  • Bogert on Trusts  Westlaw