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American Indian Law Resources

A guide to complement Prof. Zimmerman's American Indian Law Course

What information is on this page?

This page gathers information on topics that students have researched for the final paper in past semesters of American Indian Law.  Please note that these sources are meant as starting points and relying only on what is listed here will not be sufficient.

CERCLA on tribal lands

American Indian Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Tribal Colleges and Universities

Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls; Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Remember that you can limit your Google search results by date, something that may be helpful to eliminate things about prior fights to get VAWA reauthorized.  From your search result page, click tools, and limit to the past year or a custom date range.

risk of abortion clinics on tribal lands

Crime and criminal jurisdiction

Native American mascots

Hopi constitution and Bureau of Indian Affairs

Tribal fishing rights and environmental standards

Wild rice and sulfate in the Great Lakes

Manoomin vs Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)


Hein has some cases as well.  Consider looking up NAGPRA in US Code, citing references for articles and cases as well.  Consider researching in literature for museum professionals for different viewpoint.  Consider international law.

sovereignty and sales of alcohol and marijuana


Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)