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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions at the Pritzker Legal Research Center of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

August 2023 New Books

Title Subject Record Number
Animals in the international law of armed conflict / edited by Anne Peters, Jérôme de Hemptinne, Robert Kolb . Animals--Law and legislation. 9982242896202441
Autonomous vehicles : tracing the locus of regulation and liability / Atilla Kasap. Automated vehicles--Law and legislation.   9982246801202441
EU insolvency law : cross border insolvency law in comparative focus / Gerard McCormack. Bankruptcy--European Union countries. 9982246800502441
Advances in experimental philosophy of causation / [edited by] Alex Wiegmann and Pascale Willemsen. Causation. 9982246801402441
A history of civil law in early China : cases, statutes, concepts, and beyond / by Zhaoyang Zhang. Civil law--China--History.   9982247697202441
Frontiers in civil justice : privatisation, monetisation and digitisation / edited by Xandra Kramer, Jos Hoevenaars, Betül Kas, and Erlis Themeli. Civil law--Technological innovations--Europe.   9982246800202441
Routledge handbook of marine governance and global environmental change / edited by Paul G. Harris. Climatic changes--Law and legislation. 9982246796002441
The European Account Preservation Order  : a commentary on Regulation (EU) No 655/2014 / edited by Elena D'Alessandro and Fernando Gascón Inchausti. Collection laws--European Union countries. 9982246800402441
Effective communication for lawyers : a practical guide / David Cowan (assistant professor, school of law and criminology, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland and associate lecturer in faculté de droit, Université Catholique de Lyon, France). Communication in law. 9982246800602441
Public policy and private international law : a comparative guide / edited by Olaf Meyer Conflict of laws. 9982246796702441
Judicial vetoes : decision-making on mixed selection constitutional courts / Lydia Brashear Tiede (University of Houston). Constitutional courts--Chile--Decision making. 9982242895602441
The Constitution of the Russian Federation : a contextual analysis / Jane Henderson. Constitutional law--Russia (Federation). 99822468010024405
Limits of constraint : the originalist jurisprudence of Hugo Black, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas / James B. Staab. Constitutional law--United States. 9982242894902441
Abraham Lincoln and the US Constitution, 1861-1865 : the presidential war / by Nicolas Gachon. Constitutional law--United States--History. 9982246801502441
Research handbook on contract design / edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, and Mark Fenwick. Contracts.  9982246796102441
Contracting and contract law in the age of artificial intelligence / [edited by] Martin Ebers, Cristina Poncibò and Mimi Zou. Contracts--Data processing.  9982246800902441
The subjects of literary and artistic copyright / edited by Enrico Bonadio and Cristiana Sappa. Copyright. 9982246795702441
Literary characters in intellectual property law / Jani McCutcheon. Copyright--Fictitious characters. 9982246798202441
Routledge handbook of risk management and the law / edited by Virginia A. Suveiu. Corporate governance--Law and legislation--United States. 9982246795902441
The Chinese corporate ecosystem / Colin S.C. Hawes, University of Technology, Sydney. Corporation law--Social aspects--China. 9982242896102441
The procedural and organisational law of the European Court of Justice : an incomplete transformation / Christoph Krenn, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. Courts of last resort--European Union countries. 9982242895402441
Gangbuster : one man's battle against crime, corruption, and the Klan / Alan Prendergast. Criminal justice, Administration of--Colorado--Denver--History--20th century. 9982246799902441
De facto international prosecutors in a global era : with my own eyes / Melinda Rankin. Criminal procedure (International law). 9982242895902441
Fairness and rights in international criminal procedure / Sophie Rigney. Criminal procedure (International law).  9982247697002441
Criminalization of activism : historical, present, and future perspectives / edited by Valeria Vegh Weis. Criminology. 9982181548902441
Transboundary heritage and Intellectual property law : safeguarding intangible cultural heritage / edited by Patricia Covarrubia. Cultural property--Protection (International law). 9982246795502441
Institutional harassment : divorce, abuse, and the legal system / Miguel Clemente-Díaz ; translated by Daniel Migueláñez Munilla. Divorce--Psychological aspects.   9982246799602441
Pharmaceutical patents under the SPC regulation / by Ulla Callesen Klinge. Drugs--Europe--Patents. 9982246798002441
Data protection, migration and border control : the GDPR, the Law Enforcement Directive and beyond / Teresa Quintel. Emigration and immigration law--European Union countries. 9982246800802441
(B)ordering Britain : law, race and empire / Nadine El-Enany. Emigration and immigration law--Great Britain. 9982193495502441
Constitutional origins, structure, and change in federal countries / edited by John Kincaid and G. Alan Tarr ; senior editor John Kincaid. Federal government. 9982248898702441
Diversity and unity in federal countries / edited by Luis Moreno and César Colino ; senior editor, John Kincaid. Federal government. 9982248898602441
Legislative, executive, and judicial governance in federal countries / edited by Katy Le Roy and Cheryl Saunders ; senior editor John Kincaid. Federal government.    9982248898502441
Regulating data monopolies [electronic resource] : a law and economics perspective / Jingyuan Ma. Information technology--Law and legislation.  9982246796402441
Intellectual property and the law of nations, 1860-1920 / edited by P. Sean Morris. Intellectual property (International law)--History.   9982247697102441
Intellectual property excesses : exploring the boundaries of IP protection / edited by Enrico Bonadio and Aislinn O'Connell. Intellectual property--Cases. 9982246799002441
Intellectual property law in South East Asia / edited by Christoph Antons and Michael Blakeney. Intellectual property--Southeast Asia. 9982246798902441
Futures of international criminal justice / edited by Martin Clark, Susan Harris Rimmer, Emma Palmer, and Edwin Bikundo. International criminal law. 9982246800002441
The justice of humans : subject, society and sexual violence in international criminal justice / Kirsten Campbell, University of London. International criminal law--Social aspects. 9982242895502441
Recentering the world : China and the transformation of international law / Ryan Martínez Mitchell, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. International law--China--History. 9982242895302441
Rule in International Politics. International law--Political aspects. 9982247101802441
Intellectual property objectives in international investment agreements / by Pratyush Nath Upreti. Investments, Foreign--Law and legislation. 9982246798802441
Diversifying the courts : race, gender, and judicial legitimacy / Nancy Scherer. Judges--Selection and appointment--United States. 9982246800702441
Common currents : examining how we manage the ocean commons / edited by H. Jordan Diamond, Holly Doremus, and Hee Cheol Yang. Law of the sea. 9982247697302441
International law for seagoing officers / Craig H. Allen, Sr. Law of the sea. 9982246798602441
Conflict and transformation : essays on European law and policy / Christian Joerges. Law--Germany.  9982246801102441
Designing indicators for a plural legal world / Siddharth Peter de Souza. Law--Methodology. 9982242895802441
Legal education and legal profession during and after COVID-19 / C. Raj Kumar, S.G. Sreejith, editors. Law--Study and teaching (Graduate)  9982246798502441
Persuading the Supreme Court  : the significance of briefs in judicial decision-making / Morgan L.W. Hazelton and Rachael K. Hinkle. Legal briefs--United States. 9982242894702441
Handbook of forensic photography / edited by Sanford L. Weiss ; with special contributions from Art Borchers. Legal photography--Handbooks, manuals, etc. 9982246799702441
The role of lawyers in access to justice : Asian and comparative perspectives / edited by Helena Whalen-Bridge (National University of Singapore). Legal services--Asia--Congresses. 9982242895202441
Law and healing : a history of a stormy marriage / Margaret Brazier. Medical laws and legislation--Great Britain--History. 9982242895002441
The fight to save the town : reimagining discarded America / Michelle Wilde Anderson. Municipal services--United States.  9982246800302441
Music, management, marketing, and law : interviews across the music business value chain / Phil Graham. Music trade--Interviews.  9982193684802441
Natural capital, agriculture and the law / Felicity Deane, Evan Hamman, Anna Huggins with Zoe Nay. Natural resources--Law and legislation. 9982246798102441
Irregular migrants and the right to health / Stefano Angeleri, Queen's University Belfast. Noncitizens--Europe.   9982242895702441
Signing away the bomb : the surprising success of the nuclear nonproliferation regime / Jeffrey M. Kaplow. Nuclear nonproliferation. 9982242895102441
Tomorrow's lawyers : an introduction to your future / Richard Susskind. Practice of law. 9982250395402441
Companion to public space / edited by Vikas Mehta and Danilo Palazzo. Public spaces--Social aspects. 9982248893502441
Property rights and urban transformation in China / Zhu Qian (Associate Professor, School of Planning, University of Waterloo, Canada). Right of property--China. 9982246796802441
Revolution by law : the federal government and the desegregation of Alabama schools / Brian K. Landsberg. School integration--Law and legislation--Law and legislation--Alabama--Cases. 9982242894402441
The crucible of desegregation : the uncertain search for educational equality / R. Shep Melnick. School integration--Law and legislation--United States. 9982231885902441
Linking high-level accused to sexual and gender-based crimes in international criminal law : theory and practice of the ICTY, ICTR, and ICC / Sylvester Sammie. Sex crimes (International law). 9982246798302441
Everyday violence : the public harassment of women and LGBTQ people / Simone Kolysh. Sexual minorities--Abuse of--New York (State)--New York. 9982193794202441
Rainbow jurisdiction at the International Criminal Court : protection of sexual and gender minorities under the Rome Statute / Valérie V. Suhr. Sexual minorities--Legal status, laws, etc. 9982246796602441
Special education law and policy : from foundation to application / Jacqueline A. Rodriguez, Ph. D., Wendy W. Murawski, Ph. D. Special education--Law and legislation--United States.   9982246795802441
Green deals in the making : perspectives from across the globe / edited by Stefan Weishaar, Janet Milne, Mikael Andersen, and Hope Ashiabor. Sustainable development--Law and legislation. 9982246799802441
International exchange of information in tax matters : towards global transparency / Xavier Oberson. Tax administration and procedure--International cooperation. 9982246798702441
A research agenda for tax law / edited by Leopoldo Parada. Taxation--Law and legislation--Research. 9982246796202441
The Supreme Court compendium : two centuries of data, decisions, and developments / Lee Epstein, Washington University in St. Louis; Jeffrey A. Segal, Stony Brook University; Harold J. Spaeth, Michigan State University; Thomas G. Walker, Emory University. United States--Supreme Court--Outlines, syllabi, etc.    9982246795602441
"Let us vote!" : youth voting rights and the 26th amendment / Jennifer Frost. Voting--United States. 9982246801602441
The conduct of hostilities under the Law of International Armed Conflict / Yoram Dinstein. War (International law)  9982242896002441
Women's access to transitional justice in Timor-Leste : the blind letters / Noemí Pérez Vásquez. Women--Timor-Leste--Social conditions. 9982246795302441
Your boss is an algorithm : artificial intelligence, platform work and labour / Antonio Aloisi and Valerio De Stefano. Technological innovations--Social aspects. 9982189700902441
Trade links : new rules for a new world / James Bacchus. World Trade Organization. 9982234997702441
Managing conflict mindfully : don't believe everything you think / Leonard L. Riskin. Conflict management--Psychological aspects.   9982182862502441
The divorce colony : how women revolutionized marriage and found freedom on the American frontier / April White. Divorce--South Dakota--Sioux Falls--History--19th century.  9982242600402441
Who speaks for you? : the inside story of the prosecutor who took down Baltimore's most crooked cops / Leo Wise. Baltimore (Md.).--Police Department.--Gun Trace Task Force--Corrupt practices.   9982242599802441
The riders come out at night : brutality, corruption, and cover-up in Oakland / Ali Winston and Darwin Bondgraham. Police brutality--California--Oakland.   9982242600302441
International business negotiations in a nutshell / Ralph H. Folsom, Herbert Lazerow. International business enterprises--Law and legislation.   9982248300802441
The long arc of legality : Hobbes, Kelsen, Hart / David Dyzenhaus. Legal positivism. 9982189701902441
Sociological approaches to theories of law / Brian Z. Tamanaha. Sociological jurisprudence.   9982189700202441
Japanese reports for the XXIst International Congress of Comparative Law (Asunción, 23-28 October 2022) = Rapports japonais pour le XXIe Congrès international de droit comparé (Asunción, 23-28 octobre 2022). Law--Japan--Congresses.  9982247697402441
Comparative law and the task of negative critique / Pierre Legrand. Comparative law.  9982247443402441
The USMCA : NAFTA re-negotiated and its business impacts in a nutshell / Ralph H. Folsom, W. Davis Folsom. United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (2018 November 30)   9982248300502441
Restatement of the law third torts: remedies: Tentative draft No. 2 (April 2023) / The American Law Institute. Torts--United States.    9982247694102441
Shielded : how the police became untouchable / Joanna Schwartz. Tort liability of police--United States.  9982220195602441
The unwritten law of corporate reorganizations / Douglas G. Baird. Corporate reorganizations--Law and legislation--United States.  9982189701702441
Alabama v. King : Martin Luther King Jr. and the criminal trial that launched the Civil Rights Movement / Dan Abrams and Fred D. Gray, with David Fisher. King, Martin Luther,--Jr.,--1929-1968--Trials, litigation, etc.  9982242600002441
Patent law in a nutshell / Randall R. Rader, Benjamin J. Christoff. Patent laws and legislation--United States.   9982248300602441
Principles of employment discrimination law / Martha Chamallas. Discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--United States.  9982248887502441
A brief American legal history in a nutshell / Michael C. Blumm. Law--United States--History.  9982248300702441
Law and morality : a survey of ideas, issues, and cases / by Joseph L. Esposito. Law--Moral and ethical aspects--United States.  9982234998202441
Restatement of the law third, torts : medical malpractice. Tentative draft, No..1 (March 2023) ( / the American Law Institute. Torts--United States.  9982247694302441
Restatement of the law third : conflict of laws. Tentative draft, no. 4 (March 2023) / The American Law Institute. Conflict of laws--United States.  9982247694202441
By hands now known : Jim Crow's legal executioners / Margaret A. Burnham. African Americans--Civil rights--History--20th century. 9982062799302441
When freedom speaks : the boundaries and boundlessness of our First Amendment right / Lynn Greenky. Freedom of speech--United States.  9982189700602441
Immigration law and procedure in a nutshell / David Weissbrodt, Laura Danielson, Howard S. (Sam) Myers III, Sarah K. Peterson, Sarah Brenes. Emigration and immigration law--United States. 9982248300402441
Mental health evaluations in Immigration Court : a guide for mental health and legal professionals / Virginia Barber Rioja, Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, and Sarah Vendzules. Immigration courts--United States.  9982189701502441
Local government law / Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr. (late professor of law emeritus, University of Oklahoma), Edward W. De Barbieri (associate professor of law, Albany Law School) Local government--Law and legislation--United States.   9982248894002441
Land use planning and development regulation law / Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Patricia E. Salkin, Ryan Max Rowberry. City planning and redevelopment law--United States. 9982248291902441
Principles of tax policy / Stephanie Hunter McMahon. Taxation--Law and legislation--United States.   9982248887402441
International taxation in a nutshell / Mindy Herzfeld. Income tax--United States--Foreign income.  9982248895602441
Partnership income taxation / James R. Repetti, William H. Lyons, Charlene D. Luke. Partnership--Taxation--United States. 9982248895502441
Federal income taxation of estates, trusts, and beneficiaries in a nutshell / Grayson M.P. McCouch. Decedents' estates--Taxation--United States.  9982248895702441
Principles of contract law / Robert A. Hillman. Contracts--United States.   9982248886702441
The judicial system : a reference handbook / Michael C. LeMay. Justice, Administration of--United States--History.   9982241802002441
The supermajority : how the Supreme Court divided America / Michael Waldman. United States--Politics and government--2021-   9982242600102441
Federal appellate practice and procedure in a nutshell / Gregory A. Castanias, Robert H. Klonoff. Appellate procedure--United States.  9982248300902441
Litigation with the federal government / Gregory C. Sisk. Government litigation--United States.  9982248292002441
Principles of alternative dispute resolution / Stephen J. Ware. Dispute resolution (Law)--United States.  9982248887202441
Interim measures in the United States in aid of arbitration / Lawrence W. Newman, Ronald A. Brand, Houston Putnam Lowry, editors. Arbitration and award--United States--States. 9982235297702441
Sales and leases of goods in a nutshell / Anne Lawton. Sales--United States.  9982248895802441
Criminal law / Wayne R. LaFave, Jens David Ohlin. Criminal law--United States.   9982248292102441
Barred : why the innocent can't get out of prison / Daniel S. Medwed. Judicial error--United States. 9982234997502441
The New Jersey State Constitution / Robert F. Williams, Ronald K. Chen. New Jersey.--Constitution (1947)  9982240095202441
International legal theory : foundations and frontiers / edited by Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Mark A. Pollack. International law--Philosophy. 9982189701402441
A guide to forensic DNA profiling / editors, Allan Jamieson, Scott Bader, the Forensic Institute, Glasgow, UK. DNA fingerprinting.  9982241802102441
Theory and practice of the European Convention on Human Rights / Stephanie Schiedermair, Alexander Schwarz, Dominik Steiger (eds.). Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (1950 November 5)  9982240095102441
Toward the rule of law in China : social diversification and the power system / Weidong Ji ; translated by Xi Lin. Rule of law--China.  9982240095002441
Everyday Islamic law and the making of modern South Asia / Elizabeth Lhost. Muslims--Legal status, laws, etc.--India--History. 9982189700702441
Elements of Illinois law : real estate practice / author, Genevieve M. Daniels. Real estate business--Law and legislation--Illinois.   9982247992002441
Everyday mistakes in estate planning 2023 / Tricia Renze Buhrfiend, Jennifer A. Johnson (Huck Bouma PC Wheaton). Estate planning--Illinois.  9982242702102441
Elements of Illinois law : estate planning and probate administration / chapter authors, Valli V. Gupta, Patricia A. Hoke, Joel A. Schoenmeyer. Estate planning--Illinois.  9982247992202441
Consumer protection law, 2023 / Elizabeth Blackston, Jacob M. Gilbert, Cassandra L. Halm, Paul Isaac. Consumer protection--Law and legislation--Illinois.  9982249098302441
Proving fault in auto accident cases / chapter authors, Tyler D. Beckerle [and seven others]. Liability for traffic accidents--Illinois.  9982249098402441
United States international taxation / Philip F. Postlewaite, Genevieve A. Tokic, Mitchell B. Weiss. Income tax--United States--Foreign income--Cases.    9982248301702441