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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions at the Pritzker Legal Research Center of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

August 2022 New Books

Title Subject Call Number
Ruling by cheating : governance in illiberal democracy / András Sajó, Central European University, Budapest. Abuse of administrative power.   Available electronically.
Measuring accountability in public governance regimes / Ellen Rock. Administrative law.  Available electronically.
Administrative competence : reimagining administrative law / Elizabeth Fisher, University of Oxford, Sidney A. Shapiro, Wake Forest University. Administrative law--United States--Interpretation and construction. Available electronically.
Power hungry : women of the Black Panther Party and Freedom Summer and their fight to feed a movement / Suzanne Cope. African American women civil rights workers--Biography. Available electronically.
The laws of Alfred : The Domboc and the making of Anglo-Saxon law / Stefan Jurasinski, Lisi Oliver. Alfred,--King of England,--849-899.--Dōmbōc.    Available electronically.
Medication safety during anesthesia and the perioperative period / Alan Merry, Joyce Wahr. Anesthesia.  Available electronically.
The future of animal law / David Favre. Animals--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Animals in international law / Anne Peters. Animals--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Reforming antitrust / Alan J. Devlin, Georgetown University. Antitrust law.    Available electronically.
Hong Kong competition law : comparative and theoretical perspectives / Thomas K. Cheng and Kelvin Hiu Fai Kwok, The University of Hong Kong. Antitrust law--China--Hong Kong. Available electronically.
The legality of a Jewish state : a century of debate over rights in Palestine / John Quigley, Ohio State University. Arab-Israeli conflict--Law and legislation.   Available electronically.
Judging at the interface : deference to state decision-making authority in international adjudication / Esmé Shirlow. Arbitration (International law)  Available electronically.
The constitution of arbitration / Victor Ferreres Comella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Arbitration (International law).  Available electronically.
The Cambridge handbook of judicial control of arbitral awards / edited by Larry A. DiMatteo, Marta Infantino, Nathalie M-P Potin. Arbitration and award--Congresses.   Available electronically.
We, the robots? : regulating artificial intelligence and the limits of the law / Simon Chesterman, National University of Singapore. Artificial intelligence--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
AI development and the 'fuzzy logic' of Chinese cyber security and data laws / Max Parasol, RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Artificial intelligence--Law and legislation--China.  Available electronically.
Construing cultural heritage : the stagings of an artist : the case of Ivar Arosenius / Mats Malm. Arts and society. Available electronically.
Schemes of arrangement : theory, structure, and operation / Jennifer Payne, University of Oxford. Assignments for benefit of creditors--Great Britain.  Available electronically.
Lactation at work : expressed milk, expressing beliefs, and the expressive value of law / Elizabeth A. Hoffmann, Purdue University. Breastfeeding--Law and legislation--United States.  Available electronically.
Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook / edited by Anja Matwijkiw, Anna Oriolo. Burqas (Islamic clothing)--Law and legislation--Europe--Congresses.  Available electronically.
Christianity and market regulation : an introduction / edited by Daniel A. Crane, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Samuel Gregg, Acton Institute. Capital market--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
The shareholder rights directive II : a commentary / edited by Hanne S. Birkmose (professor, Department of Law, Aarhus University, Denmark) and Konstantinos Sergakis (professor, School of Law, University of Glasgow, UK). Capital market--Law and legislation--European Union countries. Available electronically.
Capitalism and the environment : a proposal to save the planet / Shi-Ling Hsu, Florida State University College of Law. Capitalism--Environmental aspects.  Available electronically.
Charity law and accumulation : maintaining an intergenerational balance / Ian Murray, University of Western Australia. Charity laws and legislation.    Available electronically.
Orphanage trafficking in international law / Kathryn E. van Doore. Child trafficking--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
The politics of human life : rethinking subjectivity / Piergiorgio Donatelli. Childbirth. Available electronically.
Problematizing law, rights, and childhood in Israel/Palestine / Hedi Viterbo, Queen Mary University of London. Children--Legal status, laws, etc.--Israel.  Available electronically.
Social justice for children and young people : international perspectives / edited by Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers, Aradhana Bela Sood, Mark D. Weist. Children's rights. Available electronically.
Great Christian jurists in the low countries / edited by Wim Decock, University of Louvain; JanWillem Oosterhuis, Maastricht University. Christian lawyers--Benelux countries--Biography. Available electronically.
State neutrality : the sacred, the secular, and equality law / Kerry O'Halloran, independent consultant. Church and state. Available electronically.
Crown, mitre and people in the nineteenth century : the Church of England, establishment and the state / G. R. Evans. Church and state--Church of England--History--19th century. Available electronically.
Local citizenship in a global age / Kenneth A. Stahl. Citizenship--United States.   Available electronically.
New private law theory : a pluralist approach / [edited by] Stefan Grundmann, Hans Micklitz, Moritz Renner. Civil law.   Available electronically.
An introduction to the comparative study of private law : readings, cases, materials / James Gordley, Hao Jiang, Arthur Taylor von Mehren. Civil law--United States.   Available electronically.
Fundamental rights in the EU area of freedom, security, and justice / edited by Sara Iglesias, Court of Justice of the European Union; Maribel Pascual, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. Civil rights--European Union countries. Available electronically.
The prophet of modern constitutional liberalism : John Stuart Mill and the Supreme Court / John Lawrence Hill. Civil rights--United States. Available electronically.
Civil rights in America : a history / Christopher W. Schmidt. Civil rights--United States--History.  Available electronically.
Negotiating civil war : the politics of international regime design / Henry Lovat. Civil war.   War (International law)  Available electronically.
The Cambridge handbook of class actions : an international survey / edited by Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Vanderbilt University School of Law, Randall S. Thomas, Vanderbilt University School of Law. Class actions (Civil procedure).  Available electronically.
Class actions and government / Rachael Mulheron. Class actions (Civil procedure)--Political aspects--English-speaking countries.  Available electronically.
Debating climate law / edited by Benoit Mayer, Alexander Zahar. Climatic changes--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
Companies and climate change : theory and law in the United Kingdom / Lisa Benjamin, Lewis & Clark College. Climatic changes--Law and legislation--Great Britain.   Available electronically.
Climate rationality : from bias to balance / Jason Scott Johnston, University of Virginia Law School. Climatic changes--Law and legislation--United States.  Available electronically.
Government cloud procurement : contracts, data protection, and the quest for compliance / Kevin McGillivray. Cloud computing--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
The financial courts : adjudicating disputes in derivatives markets / Jo Braithwaite, London School of Economics and Political Science. Commercial courts--Great Britain.   Available electronically.
Making commercial law through practice, 1830-1970 / Ross Cranston. Commercial law--England--History--19th century.    Available electronically.
The intricacies of dicta and dissent / Neil Duxbury, London School of Economics and Political Science. Common law--Methodology.  Available electronically.
The Cambridge handbook of commons research innovations / edited by Sheila R. Foster, Georgetown University School of Law, Chrystie F. Swiney, Georgetown University School of Law. Commons--Congresses.   others Available electronically.
Negative comparative law : a strong programme for weak thought / Pierre Legrand. Comparative law.  Available electronically.
The Internal Law of Religions : introduction to a comparative discipline / Burkhard Josef Berkmann ; translated by David E. Orton. Comparative religious law. Available electronically.
Market investigations : a new competition tool for Europe? / edited by Massimo Motta, Pompeu Fabra University, Martin Peitz, University of Mannheim, Heike Schweitzer, Humboldt University of Berlin. Competition.  Available electronically.
Complementarity, catalysts, compliance : The International Criminal Court in Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo / Christian M. De Vos. Complementarity (International law).   Available electronically.
Autonomous organizations / Shawn Bayern, Florida State University. Computers--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
Preclassical conflict of laws / Nikitas E. Hatzimihail, University of Cyprus. Conflict of laws--History.  Available electronically.
Redrafting constitutions in democratic regimes : theoretical and comparative perspectives / edited by Gabriel L. Negretto. Constitutional amendments.   Available electronically.
Five republics and one tradition : a history of constitutionalism in Chile, 1810-2020 / Pablo Ruiz-Tagle ; translated by Ana Luisa Goldsmith. Constitutional history--Chile.    Available electronically.
The redress of law : globalisation, constitutionalism and market capture / Emilios Christodoulidis. Constitutional law.    Available electronically.
The new fourth branch : institutions for protecting constitutional democracy / Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School. Constitutional law.    Available electronically.
The hollow core of constitutional theory : why we need the framers / Donald L. Drakeman, University of Notre Dame. Constitutional law.    Available electronically.
Film and constitutional controversy : visualizing Hong Kong identity in the age of "one country, two systems" / Marco Wan, The University of Hong Kong. Constitutional law--China--Hong Kong.   Available electronically.
Constitutional convergence in East Asia / Po Jen Yap, The University of Hong Kong, Chien-Chih Lin, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Constitutional law--East Asia.  Available electronically.
Europe's second constitution : crisis, courts and community / Markus W. Gehring, University of Cambridge. Constitutional law--European Union countries--Philosophy.   Available electronically.
The Brexit challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom : constitutions under pressure / edited by Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg, Jo Murkens. Constitutional law--Great Britain.   Available electronically.
The veil of participation : citizens and political parties in constitution-making processes / Alexander Hudson. Constitutions. Available electronically.
The right to repair : reclaiming control over the things we own / Aaron Perzanowski, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. Consumer goods--Maintenance and repair--Law and legislation--United States. Available electronically.
The continental shelf delimitation beyond 200 nautical miles : towards a common approach to maritime boundary-making / Xuexia Liao. Continental shelf--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Studies in the contract laws of Asia. III, Contents of contracts and unfair terms / edited by Mindy Chen-Wishart, Stefan Vogenauer ; with advice from Hugh Beale QC, FBA. Contracts--Asia.   Available electronically.
Can blockchain solve the hold-up problem in contracts? / Richard Holden, Anup Malani. Contracts--Economic aspects. Available electronically.
Jurisdictional exceptionalisms : Islamic law, international law, and parental child abduction / Anver Emon, University of Toronto, Urfan Khaliq, Cardiff University. Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (1980 October 25).   Available electronically.
Commentary on the third Geneva Convention : treatment of prisoners of war / Editorial Committee of the Red Cross ; editorial commitee Knut Dormann [and others] ; project team, Jean-Marie Henckaerts [and others]. Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1949 August 12) Available electronically.
The Cambridge handbook of copyright limitations and exceptions / edited by Shyamkrishna Balganesh, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Ng-Loy Wee Loon, National University of Singapore School of Law, Haochen Sun, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. Copyright.  Available electronically.
Drafting copyright exceptions : from the law in books to the law in action / Emily Hudson. Copyright--English-speaking countries.  Available electronically.
Negotiating copyright in the American theatre : 1856-1951 / Brent Salter, Stanford Law School. Copyright--Performing rights--History.--United States   Available electronically.
Law and reputation : how the legal system shapes behavior by producing information / Roy Shapira. Corporate governance--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Sustainability and corporate mechanisms in Asia / Ernest Lim. Corporate governance--Law and legislation--China--Hong Kong.    Available electronically.
Fiduciary obligations in business / edited by Arthur B. Laby, Rutgers Law School, Jacob Hale Russell, Rutgers Law School. Corporate governance--Law and legislation--United States--Congresses.   Available electronically.
The Cambridge handbook of compliance / edited by Benjamin van Rooij, D. Daniel Sokol. Corporation law--Criminal provisions.   Available electronically.
European company law / Andrea Vicari. Corporation law--Europe. Available electronically.
Reconstructing the corporation : from shareholder primacy to shared governance / Grant M. Hayden, Matthew T. Bodie, Saint Louis University School of Law. Corporation law--United States.  Available electronically.
Taxing the digital economy : theory, policy and practice / Craig Elliffe, University of Auckland Faculty of Law. Corporations--Taxation--Data processing--European Union countries.   Available electronically.
European Union corporate tax law / Christiana HJI Panayi, Queen Mary University of London. Corporations--Taxation--Law and legislation--European Union countries.  Available electronically.
Armed with swords and scales : law, culture, and local courtrooms in London, 1860-1913 / Sascha Auerbach, University of Nottingham. Courts of first instance--England--London--History--19th century. Available electronically.
U.S. Supreme Court doctrine in the state high courts / Michael P. Fix, Benjamin J. Kassow. Courts of last resort--United States--States.  Available electronically.
The international criminal responsibility of war's funders and profiteers / edited by Nina Helene Borlase Jørgensen. Criminal liability (International law)--Congresses.  Available electronically.
Chinese courts and criminal procedure : post-2013 reforms / edited by Björn Ahl. Criminal procedure--China.  Available electronically.
Global heritage, religion, and secularism / Trinidad Rico. Cultural property.   Available electronically.
Patrimonialities : heritage vs. property / Valdimar Tr. Hafstein, Martin Skrydstrup. Cultural property.   Available electronically.
Heritage justice / Charlotte Joy. Cultural property--Protection.   Available electronically.
International law as we know it : cyberwar discourse and the construction of knowledge in international legal scholarship / Lianne J. M. Boer, VU Amsterdam. Cyberspace operations (International law)  Available electronically.
Unilateral remedies to cyber operations : self-defence, countermeasures, necessity, and the question of attribution / Henning Lahmann. Cyberspace operations (International law)   Available electronically.
Surveillance and privacy in the digital age : European, transatlantic and global perspectives / edited by Valsamis Mitsilegas and Niovi Vavoula. Data protection--Law and legislation--Congresses.   Available electronically.
Industry unbound : the inside story of privacy, data, and corporate power / Ari Ezra Waldman, Northeastern University. Data protection--Law and legislation--United States.  Available electronically.
Day fines in Europe : assessing income-based sanctions in criminal justice systems / edited by Elena Kantorowicz-Reznichenko, Michael Faure ; with the cooperation of Marianne Breijer. Day fines--Europe--Congresses.  Available electronically.
Democracy in times of pandemic : different futures imagined / edited by Miguel Poiares Maduro, Paul W. Kahn. Democracy.  Available electronically.
Algo bots and the law : technology, automation and the regulation of futures and other derivatives / Gregory Scopino, Cornell University School of Law. Derivative securities--Law and legislation--United States. Available electronically.
Derivatives and the European VAT system : derivatives in the context of the scope of taxable supplies / Marja Hokkanen. Derivative securities--Taxation--Law and legislation--European Union countries.   Available electronically.
Research handbook on design law / edited by Henning Hartwig (Attorney-at-Law, Bardehle Pagenberg, Munich, Germany). Design protection--United States--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Available electronically.
Predatory lending and the destruction of the African-American dream / Janis Sarra, Cheryl L. Wade. Discrimination in mortgage loans--United States.   Available electronically.
Multi-tier approaches to the resolution of international disputes : a global and comparative study / edited by Anselmo Reyes, Weixia Gu. Dispute resolution (Law)  Available electronically.
Feminist judgments : family law opinions rewritten / edited by Rachel Rebouché. Domestic relations--United States--Cases.  Available electronically.
The second founding : an introduction to the Fourteenth Amendment / Ilan Wurman, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Due process of law--United States.  Available electronically.
The WTO anti-dumping agreement : a detailed commentary / Philippe De Baere, Clotilde du Parc, Isabelle Van Damme. Dumping (International trade)--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Constitutional economics : a primer / Stefan Voigt. Economics--Political aspects.  Available electronically.
Routledge handbook of election law / edited by David Schultz and Jurij Toplak. Election law.  Available electronically.
Whitelash : unmasking white grievance at the ballot box / Terry Smith. Election law--Political aspects--United States.  Available electronically.
Research handbook on the law and politics of migration / edited by Catherine Dauvergne. Emigration and immigration law. Available electronically.
Privatisation of migration control power without accountability? / edited by Austin Sarat. Emigration and immigration law.  Available electronically.
European societies, migration, and the law : the 'others' amongst 'us' / edited by Moritz Jesse. Emigration and immigration law--Europe. Available electronically.
Money matters in migration : policy, participation, and citizenship / edited by Tesseltje de Lange, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Willem Maas, York University, Toronto, Annette Schrauwen, University of Amsterdam. Emigration and immigration--Economic aspects. Available electronically.
Local content and sustainable development in global energy markets / edited by Damilola S. Olawuyi, Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Energy consumption--Law and legislation.   Available electronically.
Investment governance between the Energy Charter Treaty and the European Union : resolving regulatory conflicts / by Ottavio Quirico. Energy industries--Law and legislation--International unification.  Available electronically.
Rediscovery and revival in Islamic environmental law : back to the future of nature's trust / Samira Idllalene. Environmental law (Islamic law).  Available electronically.
Science and judicial reasoning : the legitimacy of international environmental adjudication / Katalin Sulyok. Environmental law, International.  Available electronically.
The use of biodiversity in international law : a genealogy of genetic gold / Andreas Kotsakis. Environmental law, International.   Available electronically.
The right of access to environmental information / Sean Whittaker, University of Dundee. Environmental law, International.   Available electronically.
Chinese environmental law / Yuhong Zhao. Environmental law--China.  Available electronically.
The League of Nations and the Protection of the Environment / Omer Aloni. Environmental law--History--20th century.  Available electronically.
Development of environmental laws in India / Kanchi Kohli, Manju Menon. Environmental law--India.   Available electronically.
Towards the environmental minimum : environmental protection through human rights / Stefan Theil, University of Oxford. Environmental protection--Political aspects.   Available electronically.
Limits of supranational justice : the European Court of Human Rights and Turkey's Kurdish conflict / Dilek Kurban. European Court of Human Rights. Available electronically.
Law, democracy and the European Court of Human Rights / Rory O'Connell, Ulster University. European Court of Human Rights.  Available electronically.
Framing a convention community : supranational aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights / Cedric Marti, University of Zurich. European Court of Human Rights.  Available electronically.
Can the European Court of Human Rights shape European public order? / Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou. European Court of Human Rights.    Available electronically.
GDPR : personal data protection in the European Union / Mariusz Krzysztofek. European Parliament.  General Data Protection Regulation   Available electronically.
Concise commentary on the Rome I Regulation / edited by Franco Ferrari. European Parliament.--Regulation (EC) No 593/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 June 2008 on the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome I)  Available electronically.
The politics of legal expertise in EU policymaking / Päivi Leino-Sandberg, University of Helsinki. European Union--Officials and employees.   Available electronically.
Explaining the evidence : how the mind investigates the world / David A. Lagnado. Evidence--Psychological aspects. Available electronically.
Law and politics on export restrictions : WTO and beyond / Chien-Huei Wu, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Export controls.  Available electronically.
The Cape Town Convention : a documentary history / Anton N Didenko. Export sales contracts. Available electronically.
Global mandatory fair use : the nature and scope of the right to quote copyright works / Tanya Aplin, King's College London, Lionel Bently, University of Cambridge. Fair use (Copyright). Available electronically.
The human embryo in vitro : breaking the legal stalemate/ Catriona A. W. McMillan, University of Edinburgh. Fetus--Legal status, laws, etc.--Great Britain.    Available electronically.
Public finance and parliamentary constitutionalism / Will Bateman, Australian National University. Finance, Public--Law and legislation--History.--Great Britain. Available electronically.
Fintech regulation in China : principles, policies and practices / Robin Hui Huang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Financial institutions--Law and legislation--China.   Available electronically.
FinTech, artificial intelligence and the law : regulation and crime prevention / edited by Alison Lui and Nicholas Ryder. Financial services industry--Law and legislation--Congresses.  Available electronically.
Routledge handbook of financial technology and law / edited by Iris H-Y Chiu and Gudula Deipenbrock. Financial services industry--Law and legislation--Data processing.  Available electronically.
IUU fishing as a flag state accountability paradigm : between effectiveness and legitimacy / by Mercedes Rosello. Fishery management, International--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
Emerging powers and the world trading system : the past and future of international economic law / Gregory Shaffer. Foreign trade regulation.    Available electronically.
International trade, investment, and the sustainable development goals : World Trade Forum / edited by Cosimo Beverelli, Jürgen Kurtz, Damian Raess. Foreign trade regulation--Congresses. Available electronically.
Digital services in international trade law / Ines Willemyns. Foreign trade regulation--Data processing.    Available electronically.
The comprehensive and progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership : analysis and commentary / edited by Jorge A. Huerta Goldman, TILPA, Geneva, David A. Gantz, University of Arizona. Foreign trade regulation--Pacific area.   Available electronically.
Probability and forensic evidence : theory, philosophy, and applications / Ronald Meester, Klaas Slooten. Forensic statistics.  Available electronically.
Reconsidering REDD+ : authority, power, and law in the green economy / Julia Dehm, La Trobe University. Forestry law and legislation.   Available electronically.
Freedom of expression : the revolutionary roots of American and French legal thought / Ioanna Tourkochoriti. Freedom of expression--France.    Available electronically.
Our democratic First amendment / Ashutosh Bhagwat. Freedom of expression--United States.  Available electronically.
The mind of the censor and the eye of the beholder : the First Amendment and the censor's dilemma / Robert Corn-Revere. Freedom of expression--United States--History. Available electronically.
Post-liberal religious liberty : forming communities of charity / Joel Harrison. Freedom of religion--Great Britain.   Available electronically.
Democracy of expression : positive free speech and law / Andrew T. Kenyon. Freedom of speech.   Available electronically.
Free speech in the balance / Alexander Tsesis, Loyola University School of Law. Freedom of speech--United States.  Available electronically.
Rewriting nature : the future of genome editing and how to bridge the gap between law and science / Paul Enríquez. Genetic engineering--Law and legislation.   Available electronically.
Gerrymandering the states : partisanship, race, and the transformation of American federalism / Alex Keena, Michael Latner, Anthony J. McGann, Charles Anthony Smith. Gerrymandering--United States. Available electronically.
The uncounted : politics of data in global health / Sara L.M. Davis. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.  Available electronically.
State-owned entities and human rights : the role of international law / Mihaela Maria Barnes, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law. Government business enterprises--Law and legislation.   Available electronically.
State responsibility in the international legal order : a critical appraisal / Katja Creutz. Government liability (International law)   Liability for human rights violations.  Available electronically.
American transitional justice : writing Cold War history in human rights litigation / Natalie R. Davidson. Government liability--United States--Cases.   Available electronically.
Electrified democracy : the internet and the United Kingdom Parliament in history / Andrew Blick. Great Britain.--Parliament--History--20th century.  Available electronically.
Hate speech in Japan : the possibility of a non-regulatory approach / edited by Shinji Higaki, Fukuoka University; Yuji Nasu, Seinan Gakuin University. Hate speech--Law and legislation--Japan.  Available electronically.
Heritage tourism : from problems to possibilities / Yujie Zhu. Heritage tourism.  Available electronically.
Hostages and human rights : towards a victim-centred approach / Sofia Galani, University of Bristol. Hostages--Legal status, laws, etc.  Available electronically.
Consumer genetic technologies : ethical and legal considerations / edited by I. Glenn Cohen, Harvard Law School, Nita A. Farahany, Duke University School of Law, Henry T. Greely, Stanford Law School, Carmel Schachar, Harvard Law School. Human chromosome abnormalities--Diagnosis--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Jewish internationalism and human rights after the Holocaust / Nathan A Kurz, Birkbeck College, University of London. Human rights advocacy.    Available electronically.
Amnesty International and human rights activism in postwar Britain, 1945-1977 / Tom Buchanan. Human rights movements--Great Britain--History--20th century.   Available electronically.
The right to protection from incitement to hatred : an unsettled right / Mona Elbahtimy. Human rights. Available electronically.
The blessings of liberty : human rights and religious freedom in the western legal tradition / John Witte, Jr. Human rights.  Available electronically.
Committed to rights : UN human tights treaties and legal paths for commitment and compliance / Audrey L. Comstock. Human rights.  Available electronically.
Remedies for human rights violations : a two-track approach to supra-national and national law / Kent Roach. Human rights.   Available electronically.
Just words : the effectiveness of civil justice in European human rights jurisprudence / Andrej Auersperger Matić. Human rights--Europe.  Available electronically.
The human rights dictatorship : socialism, global solidarity and revolution in East Germany / Ned Richardson-Little. Human rights--Germany (East)--History.   Available electronically.
Decolonization, self-determination, and the rise of global human rights politics / edited by A. Dirk Moses, Marco Duranti, Roland Burke. Human rights--History--20th century.    Available electronically.
Rights claiming in South Korea / edited by Celeste L. Arrington, Patricia Goedde. Human rights--Korea (South).  Available electronically.
The past can't heal us : the dangers of mandating memory in the name of human rights / Lea David. Human rights--Philosophy.  Available electronically.
A philosophical introduction to human rights / Thomas Mertens. Human rights--Philosophy.  Available electronically.
Catholic cosmopolitanism and human rights / Leonard Francis Taylor. Human rights--Religious aspects--Catholic Church.  Available electronically.
Christianity and human rights reconsidered / edited by Sarah Shortall, Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins. Human rights--Religious aspects--Christianity.--History--20th century.  Available electronically.
Social institutions and international human rights law implementation : every organ of society / Julie Fraser. Human rights--Social aspects.  Available electronically.
The external dimension of the EU's policy against trafficking in human beings / Chloé Brière. Human trafficking--Law and legislation--European Union countries.   Available electronically.
Night on Earth : a history of international humanitarianism in the Near East, 1918-1930 / Davide Rodogno, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. Humanitarian assistance--Middle East--History--20th century.  Available electronically.
Humanitarianism and human rights : a world of differences? / edited by Michael N. Barnett. Humanitarian intervention.    Available electronically.
In the cause of humanity : a history of humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century / Fabian Klose. Humanitarian intervention--History--19th century.    Available electronically.
International human rights law beyond state territorial control / Antal Berkes, Brunel University London. Humanitarian law. Available electronically.
Humanitarian disarmament : an historical enquiry / Treasa Dunworth. Humanitarian law.    Available electronically.
A third way : decolonizing the laws of indigenous cultural protection / Hillary Hoffmann, Monte Mills. Indians of North America--Legal status, laws, etc. Available electronically.
Native Americans in British museums : living histories / Jack Davy. Indians of North America--Museums--Great Britain.   Available electronically.
At the margins of globalization : indigenous peoples and international economic law / Sergio Puig. Indigenous peoples--Economic conditions.  Available electronically.
Governing new frontiers in the information age : toward cyber peace / Scott J. Shackelford. Information warfare (International law).   Available electronically.
The Institute of International Law's resolution on the equality of parties before international investment tribunals : introduction, text and commentaries / Campbell McLachlan, Victoria University of Wellington. Institute of International Law.--Equality of parties before international investment tribunals  Available electronically.
Rebellions and civil wars : state responsibility for the conduct of insurgents / Patrick Dumberry, University of Ottawa. Insurgency--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
A handbook on the WTO TRIPS agreement / edited by Antony Taubman, Hannu Wager, Jayashree Watal. Intellectual property (International law).  Available electronically.
Competition policy and intellectual property in today's global economy / edited by Robert D. Anderson, Nuno Pires de Carvalho, Antony Taubman. Intellectual property.  Available electronically.
Across intellectual property : essays in honour of Sam Ricketson / edited by Graeme W. Austin, Andrew F. Christie, Andrew T. Kenyon, Megan Richardson. Intellectual property.  Available electronically.
Transition and coherence in intellectual property law : essays in honour of Annette Kur / edited by Niklas Bruun, Graeme B. Dinwoodie, Marianne Levin, Ansgar Ohly. Intellectual property--European Union countries.   Available electronically.
A critique of the ontology of intellectual property law / Alexander Peukert ; translated by Gill Mertens. Intellectual property--Germany.  Available electronically.
The intellectual property of nations : sociological and historical perspectives on a modern legal institution / Laura R. Ford, Bard College. Intellectual property--History.  Available electronically.
State renaissance for peace : transitional governance under international law / Emmanuel H. D. De Groof. Interim governments.  Available electronically.
Functional responsibility of international organizations : the European Union and international economic law / Emilija Leinarte, University of Cambridge. International agencies.   Available electronically.
Ethical leadership in international organizations : concepts, narratives, judgment, and assessment / edited by Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaca, Maria Varaki. International agencies--Moral and ethical aspects.   Available electronically.
International commercial tax / Peter Harris. International business enterprises--Taxation--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
The three ages of international commercial arbitration / Mikaël Schinazi. International commercial arbitration--History.   Available electronically.
The International Court of Justice and decolonisation : new directions from the Chagos Advisory Opinion / edited by Thomas Burri, University of St Gallen, Jamie Trinidad, University of Cambridge ; assistant editor Dominik K. Hofstetter. International Court of Justice.  Available electronically.
The application of teachings by the International Court of Justice / Sondre Torp Helmersen. International Court of Justice.   Available electronically.
Remedies before the International Court of Justice : a systemic analysis / Victor Stoica, University of Bucharest. International Court of Justice.   Available electronically.
Adapting international criminal justice in Southeast Asia : beyond the International Criminal Court / Emma Palmer. International crimes--Law and legislation--Southeast Asia. Available electronically.
States of justice : the politics of the International Criminal Court / Oumar Ba. International Criminal Court.   Available electronically.
The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over nationals of non-states parties / Monique Cormier. International Criminal Court.   Available electronically.
The Congo trials in the International Criminal Court / Richard Gaskins. International Criminal Court.   Available electronically.
The crime of aggression under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court / Carrie McDougall, The University of Melbourne. International Criminal Court.   Available electronically.
Multi-actor human rights protection at the International Criminal Court / Emma Irving. International Criminal Court.    Available electronically.
An introduction to the International Criminal Court / William A. Schabas. International criminal courts--Netherlands--Hague.  Available electronically.
Saving the international justice regime : beyond backlash against international courts / Courtney Hillebrecht, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. International criminal courts--Political aspects.  Available electronically.
The dawn of a discipline : international criminal justice and its early exponents / [edited by] Frédéric Mégret, McGill University, Montréal [and] Immi Tallgren, University of Helsinki. International criminal law--History--Congresses.  Available electronically.
Marketing global justice : the political economy of international criminal law / Christine Schwöbel-Patel. International criminal law--Public opinion.  Available electronically.
The archival politics of international courts / Henry Alexander Redwood, London South Bank University. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda--Archives.    Available electronically.
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August 2022 New Government Resources

Title Call Number
Committee meeting on a resolution to establish procedures in contested election cases properly filed under the Federal Contested Election Act, and related matters : markup before the Committee on House Administration, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventeenth Congress, first session, February 19, 2021. D,USG Y 4.H 81/3:EL 2/57
Markup of H. Res. 316, providing for the expenses of certain committees of the House of Representatives in the 117th Congress, and Committee Resolution 117-13, a resolution to approve franked mail allowances for committees for the 117th Congress : markup before the Committee on House Administration, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventeenth Congress, first session, April 15, 2021. D,USG Y 4.H 81/3:EX 7/3