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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions at the Pritzker Legal Research Center of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

October 2021 New Books

Title Subject Call Number
Legal responses to vacant houses : an international comparison / Narufumi Kadomatsu, James J. Kelly Jr., Romain Melot, Arne Pilniok. Abandoned houses--Law and legislation.    Available electronically
The sexual politics of gendered violence and women's citizenship / Suzanne Franzway, Nicole Moulding, Sarah Wendt, Carole Zufferey, Donna Chung. Abused wives--Australia.    Available electronically
"Counting black and white beans" : critical race theory in accounting / Anton Lewis. African American accountants.    Available electronically
Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales : African Americans' Paths to STEM Fields / edited by Henry T. Frierson, William F. Tate. African Americans--Education (Higher). Available electronically
Mens rea in EU antitrust law : When intentions matter. / Jan Blockx. Antitrust law--European Union countries.    Available electronically
Antitrust / Christopher L. Sagers. Antitrust law--United States.    MON KF1649 .S35 2021
Flexibility in international dispute settlement : conciliation revisited / edited by Christian Tomuschat and Marcelo G. Kohen. Arbitration (International law)   Available electronically
Law and the arms trade : weapons, blood and rules / Laurence Lustgarten. Arms transfers--Law and legislation.    Available electronically
Autonomous weapon systems and the law of armed conflict : compatibility with international humanitarian law / Tim McFarland. Autonomous weapons systems (International law) Available electronically
Black power and the American people : culture and identity in the twentieth century / Rafael Torrubia. Black power--United States--History.    Available electronically
Black mixed-race men : transatlanticity, hybridity and 'post-racial' resilience / by Remi Joseph-Salisbury. Blacks--Race identity. Available electronically
Does the black middle class exist and are we members? : reflections from a research team / Grace Khunou, Kris Marsh, Polite Chauke, Lesego Plank, Leo Igbanoi, and Mabone Kgosiemang. Blacks--South Africa.    Available electronically
Routledge handbook of contemporary Myanmar / edited by Adam Simpson, Nicholas Farrelly, and Ian Holliday. Burma--Politics and government--21st century. N,HBU DS530.65 .R68 2018
Patents for power : intellectual property law and the diffusion of military technology / Robert M. Farley and Davida H. Isaacs. Business intelligence--United States.   Available electronically
Human rights for children and youth : sociocultural differentiation, resistance and unity / edited by Magali Reis and Marcelo S. Isidório Children's rights. Available electronically
Pursuing citizenship in the enforcement era / Ming Hsu Chen. Citizenship--United States. MON JK1759 .C46 2020
Remarkable cities and the fight against climate change : 43 recommendations to reduce greenhouse gases and the communities that adopted them / Jonathan D. Rosenbloom. City planning and redevelopment law--United States.   Available electronically
Law and the new urban agenda / edited by Nestor M. Davidson and Geeta Tewari. City planning and redevelopment law--United States.   MON K3531 .L38 2020
Civil procedure / Jack H. Friedenthal, Mary Kay Kane, Arthur R. Miller, Adam N. Steinman. Civil procedure--United States.   MON KF8840 .F72 2021
Citizenship in the European Union : constitutionalism, rights and norms / Anne Wesemann. Civil rights--European Union countries.    Available electronically
Proportionality, balancing, and rights : Robert Alexy's Theory of constitutional rights / Jan-R. Sieckmann, editor. Civil rights--Philosophy. MON K3240 .P767 2021 
Combating climate change with Section 115 of the Clean Air Act : law and policy rationales / edited by Michael Burger. Climatic changes--Law and legislation--United States.    Available electronically
Competition, data and privacy in the digital economy : towards a privacy dimension in competition policy? / Maria Wasastjerna. Competition, Unfair--European Union countries.    Available electronically
International civil procedure in post-Soviet space : the participation of foreigners / William E. Butler. Conflict of laws--Arbitration and award--Former Soviet republics. N,FRU KLB1829 B87 2020
Power and liberty : constitutionalism in the American revolution / Gordon S. Wood. Constitutional history--United States--18th century.   Available electronically
Constitutional law, principles and policy : cases and materials / Jerome A. Barron, C. Thomas Dienes, Wayne McCormick, Martin H. Redish. Constitutional law--United States.   X,FAC ZF1 .R42 C6 2012
Contracts / Brian A. Blum. Contracts--United States.  MON KF801.A7 B58 2021
Copyright / Stephen M. McJohn. Copyright--United States. MON KF2995 .M35 2021
Shaping the corporate landscape towards corporate reform and enterprise diversity / edited by Nina Boeger and Charlotte Villiers. Corporate governance--Law and legislation--Great Britain.    Available electronically
Corporations / Alan R. Palmiter. Corporation law--United States. MON KF1414.85 .P35 2021
Corruption, integrity and the law : global regulatory challenges / edited by Nicholas Ryder and Lorenzo Pasculli. Corruption--Law and legislation. MON K5216 .C67 2020
Federal courts / Laura E. Little. Courts--United States. MON KF8719 .L58 2019
Nightmare scenario : inside the Trump administration's response to the pandemic that changed history / Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta. COVID-19 (Disease)--Government policy--United States. MON RA644.C67 A23 2021
Defendants and victims in international criminal justice : ensuring and balancing their rights / edited by Juan Pablo Pérez-León-Acevedo and Joanna Nicholson. Criminal justice, Administration of MON K5001 .D44 2020
Christianity and criminal law / edited by Mark Hill QC, Norman Doe, RH Helmholz and John Witte, Jr. Criminal law--Philosophy. Available electronically
Criminal procedure II : from bail to jail / Richard G. Singer, Kenneth Williams. Criminal procedure--United States. MON KF9619.85 .S56 2018
Indigenous criminology / Chris Cunneen and Juan Tauri. Criminology. Available electronically
Critical Race Theory : A Primer / Khiara M. Bridges. Critical race theory--United States.    Available electronically
Diversity within diversity management : types of diversity in organizations / edited by Andri Georgiadou, Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Miguel R. Olivas-Luján. Cultural pluralism. Available electronically
Divercities : Understanding super diversity in deprived and mixed neighbourhoods. Cultural pluralism. Available electronically
Identity and pedagogy in higher education : international comparisons / Kalwant Bhopal and Patrick Alan Danaher. Discrimination in higher education--Great Britain.   Available electronically
Faces of inequality : a theory of wrongful discrimination / Sophia Moreau. Discrimination--Law and legislation--Philosophy.    Available electronically
Dispute resolution / Michael L. Moffitt, Andrea Kupfer Schneider. Dispute resolution (Law)--United States.  MON KF9084 .M64 2020
The culture map : breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business / Erin Meyer. Diversity in the workplace. MON HF5549.5.M5 M494 2014
Gender and equality in Muslim family law : justice and ethics in the Islamic legal tradition / edited by Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Kari Vogt, Lena Larsen, Christian Moe. Domestic relations (Islamic law). Available electronically
The crisis in global ethics and the future of global governance : fulfilling the promise of the Earth Charter / edited by Peter Burdon, Klaus Bosselmann, Kirsten Engel. Economic development--Moral and ethical aspects.    Available electronically
America's voucher politics : how elites learned to hide the state / Ursula Hackett Educational vouchers--Law and legislation--United States.    Available electronically
Law and the visible / edited by Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, Martha Merrill Umphrey. Electronic evidence--United States. MON KF8947.5 .L39 2021
Energy storage : legal and regulatory challenges and opportunities / author, Louise Dalton. Energy industries--Law and legislation. MON K3981 .D358 2019
Gaps in international environmental law : toward a global pact for the environment / by Maria Antonia Tigre. Environmental law, International.  Available electronically
Research handbook on EU environmental law / edited by Marjan Peeters, Mariolina Eliantonio. Environmental law--European Union countries. N,EAA KJC6242 .R468 2020
Evidence / Arthur Best. Evidence (Law)--United States. MON KF8935.Z9 B48 2020
Executive compensation / by Michael S. Melbinger. Executives--Salaries, etc.--Law and legislation--United States. MON KF1424 .M45 2018
Feminist legal theory / special issue editors: Maxine Eichner, Clare Huntington. Feminist jurisprudence. Available electronically
The international LGBT rights movement : a history / Laura A. Belmonte. Gay rights--History.  Available electronically
From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789. Homosexuality--Law and legislation--History.   Available electronically
Biolaw and international criminal law : towards interdisciplinary synergies / edited by Caroline Fournet and Anja Matwijkiw. Human experimentation in medicine--Law and legislation.    Available electronically
Research handbook on human rights and business / edited by Surya Deva, David Birchall. Human rights. MON K3240 .R4724 2020
Human rights and corruption / Juliet S. Sorensen. Human rights.  Available electronically
Contemporary challenges to human rights law / Claire-Michelle Smyth, Richard Lang, Jack Clayton Thompson. Human rights.   Available electronically
Human rights and the concept of a human community with a shared future / edited by Zhang Wei and Chang Jian. Human rights--China. Available electronically
The nature of international humanitarian law : a permissive or restrictive regime? / Anne Quintin. Humanitarian law.   Available electronically
The indigenous paradox : rights, sovereignty, and culture in the Americas / Jonas Bens. Indigenous peoples--Legal status, laws, etc.--America.   Available electronically
Nobody's child : a tragedy, a trial, and a history of the insanity defense / Susan Vinocour. Insanity defense--United States. MON KF9242 .V56 2020
Legal protection for traditional knowledge : towards a new law for indigenous intellectual property / Anindya Bhukta. Intellectual property.   Available electronically
Comparison of international arbitration rules / prepared by Oliver J. Arms, Samaa A. Haridi, Gabriella Morello [of] the International Arbitration Group of Hogan Lovells LLP. International commercial arbitration. MON K2400 .C663 2020
The American influence on international commercial arbitration : doctrinal developments and discovery methods / Pedro J. Martinez-Fraga. International commercial arbitration. MON K2400 .M37 2020
Climate change and the nation state : the case for nationalism in a warming world / Anatol Lieven. International relations--Environmental aspects. Available electronically
Military necessity : the art, morality, and law of war / Nobuo Hayashi. Intervention (International law). Available electronically
Governance & climate justice : global south & developing nations / Julia Puaschunder. Investments, Foreign (International law). Available electronically
Promoting and managing international investment : towards an integrated policy approach / edited by J Anthony VanDuzer and Patrick Leblond. Investments, Foreign--Law and legislation. Available electronically
International investment, political risk and dispute resolution : a practitioner's guide / Noah Rubins, QC,  Thomas-Nektarios Papanastasiou, N. Stephan Kinsella. Investments, Foreign--Law and legislation. MON K3830 .R83 2020
National security review of foreign investment : a comparative legal analysis of China, the United States and the European Union / Cheng Bian. Investments, Foreign--Law and legislation--China.   Available electronically
MFN standard as substantive treatment / Mira Suleimenova. Investments--Law and legislation. Available electronically
Conceptual jurisprudence : methodological issues, classical questions and new approaches / Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora, Gonzalo Villa Rosas, editors. Jurisprudence. MON K237 .C663 2021
Juries, lay judges, and mixed courts : a global perspective / edited by Sanja Kutnjak Ivković, Shari Seidman Diamond, Valerie P. Hans, Nancy S. Marder. Jury.    Available electronically
Paradigms in modern European comparative law : a history / Balázs Fekete. Kuhn, Thomas S. Structure of scientific revolutions--Influence.   Available electronically
Labor law : unfair labor practices, 2021 / chapter authors, Eugene A. Boyle [and fourteen others]. Labor laws and legislation--United States. S,IL KF3369 .L335 2021
Economics in legal reasoning  / Péter Cserne, Fabrizio Esposito, editors. Law and economics.  MON K487.E3 E36 2020
The legitimacy of EU criminal law / Irene Wieczorek. Law--European Union countries.   Available electronically
Law and imagination in troubled times : a legal and literary discourse / edited by Richard Mullender, Matteo Nicolini, Thomas D.C. Bennett and Emilia Mickiewicz. Law--Language.  and others MON K213 .L392 2020
Law and legal system of the Russian Federation / by Peter B. Maggs, Olga Schwartz, William Burnham. Law--Russia (Federation) N,FRU KLB68 .M34 2020 
Introduction to the law and legal system of the United States / William Burnham, Stephen F. Reed. Law--United States.  MON KF386 .B88 2021
Business development : a practical handbook for lawyers / consulting editor, Stephen Revell, on behalf of the International Bar Association. Lawyers--Marketing.  MON K120 .B875 2020
LGBTQ+ librarianship in the 21st century : emerging directions of advocacy and community engagement in diverse information environments / edited by Bharat Mehra. Libraries and gays.  Available electronically
African American management history : insights on gaining a cooperative advantage / by Leon C. Prieto, and Simone T.A. Phipps. Management. Available electronically
A jurisprudence of the body / Chris Dietz, Mitchell Travis, Michael Thomson, editors. Medical laws and legislation.   Available electronically
Living wage : regulatory solutions to informal and precarious work in global supply chains / Shelley Marshall. Minimum wage. Available electronically
Diversity and entrepreneurship / edited by Vanessa Ratten and Leo-Paul Dana. Minority business enterprises. Available electronically
The Flight of Icarus : European legal responses resulting from the financial crisis / Yiannis Drossos. Monetary policy--European Union countries.   Available electronically
Soviet judgment at Nuremberg : a new history of the international military tribunal after World War II / Francine Hirsch. Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946.   Available electronically
The legacies of institutionalism : disability, law and policy in the 'deinstitutionalised' community / edited by Claire Spivakovsky, Linda Steele and Penelope Weller. People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc.--Congresses. Available electronically
International conservation law : the protection of plants in theory and practice / Rob Amos. Plant conservation (International law). Available electronically
Vox populi : populism as a rhetorical and democratic challenge / edited by Ingeborg van der Geest, Henrike Jansen, Bart van Klink. Populism. Available electronically
Rethinking Obama / edited by Julian Go. Power (Social sciences) Available electronically
Obama and the biracial factor : the battle for a new American majority. Presidents--United States--Election--2008.  Available electronically
Race, ethnicity, gender, and other social characteristics as factors in health and health care disparities / edited by Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld. Public health--Social aspects. Available electronically
Alternative dispute resolution in the regulatory process / Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher, Richard Miles, and Jerrilynne Purdy. Public utilities--Law and legislation--United States.  Available electronically
On account of race : the Supreme Court, white supremacy, and the ravaging of African American voting rights / Lawrence Goldstone. Race discrimination--Law and legislation--History--United States--19th century.  Available electronically
Mixed-race in the US and UK : comparing the past, present, and future / by Jennifer Patrice Sims and Chinelo L. Njaka. Racially mixed people--United States--Social conditions.  Available electronically
Terrorism and asylum / edited by James C. Simeon. Refugees--Legal status, laws, etc. Available electronically
Dignity, diversity, anarchy : proceedings of the special workshops "Human dignity in Europe" and "The anarchist critique of the State, the law and authority" held at the 29th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Respect for persons--Law and legislation--Congresses. MON K3249.A6 D54 2021
Wearable Robotics : challenges and trends : proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Wearable Robotics, WeRob2020, and of WearRAcon Europe 2020, October 13-16, 2020 / Juan C. Moreno, Jawad Masood, Urs Schneider, Christophe Maufroy, Jose L. Pons,  Robotics--Congresses.  Available electronically
New laws of robotics : defending human expertise in the age of AI / Frank Pasquale. Robotics--Law and legislation.    Available electronically
American Nero : the history of the destruction of the rule of law, and why Trump is the worst offender / Richard Painter, Peter Golenbock. Rule of law--United States--History.  Available electronically
Antonin Scalia and American constitutionalism : the historical significance of a judicial icon / Edward A. Purcell Jr. Scalia, Antonin--Influence. Available electronically
Dark trading : shedding light on US and EU regulation of the securities markets' dark sector / Anna-Carina Salger. Securities--European Union countries.  Available electronically
Understanding school segregation : patterns, causes and consequences of spatial inequalities in education / edited by Xavier Bonal and Cristián Bellei. Segregation in education. Available electronically
The fight over freedom in 20th- and 21st-Century international discourse : moments of 'self-determination' / Rita Augestad Knudsen. Self-determination, National.  Available electronically
Contexts for diversity and gender identities in higher education : international perspectives on equity and inclusion / edited by Jaimie Hoffman, Patrick Blessinger, Mandla Makhanya. Sexual minorities--Education (Higher)  Available electronically
Bonds of empire : the English origins of slave law in South Carolina and British plantation America, 1660-1783 / Lee B. Wilson. Slavery--Law and legislation--History--South Carolina--18th century. MON KFS2201.6.S55 W55 2021
The many faces of slavery : new perspectives on slave ownership and experiences in the Americas / edited by Lawrence Aje and Catherine Armstrong Slavery--United States--History.  Available electronically
Trust and Distrust in Digital Economies / Philippa Ryan. Small business. Available electronically
Global agenda for social justice. Volume 1 / edited by Glenn W. Muschert, Kristen M. Budd, Michelle Christian, Brian V. Klocke, Jon Shefner, and Robert Perrucci. Social justice. Available electronically
Race, racism and social work : contemporary issues and debates / edited by Michael Lavalette and Laura Penketh. Social work with minorities--Study and teaching. Available electronically
International taxation law in sporting events : an income tax analysis / Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu. Sports--Taxation--Law and legislation. Available electronically
Statelessness : a modern history / Mira L. Siegelberg. Statelessness.  Available electronically
Tax justice and tax law : understanding unfairness in tax systems / edited by Dominic de Cogan and Peter Harris. Taxation--Law and legislation.  Available electronically
Networks of collaborative contracts for innovation / Pablo Marcello Baquero. Technological innovations--Law and legislation. Available electronically
Time, temporality and legal judgment / Tanzil Chowdhury. Time (Law)  MON K579.T5 C46 2020
Understanding trademark law / Mary LaFrance. Trademarks--Law and legislation--United States. MON KF3180 .L34 2020
Navigating trans*+ and complex gender identities / Jamison Green, Rhea Ashley Hoskin, Cris Mayo, and sj Miller. Transgender people--Identity. Available electronically
Understanding trans health : discourse, power and possibility / Ruth Pearce. Transgender people--Medical care.    Available electronically
Transnational migration, gender and rights / edited by Ragnhild Aslaug Sollund. Transnationalism. Available electronically
Problems in trial advocacy / Anthony J. Bocchino, Donald H. Beskind. Trial practice--United States--Problems, exercises, etc. Available electronically
Slavery and sacred texts : the Bible, the Constitution, and historical consciousness in Antebellum America / Jordan T. Watkins. United States. Constitution   MON E449 .W293 2021
The Eighth Amendment and its future in a new age of punishment / edited by Meghan J. Ryan, William W. Berry III. United States. Constitution. 8th Amendment. Available electronically
The Harvest of American Racism : The Political Meaning of Violence in the Summer of 1967 / edited by Robert Shellow ; with a foreword by Michael C. Dawson. United States. National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. Report.   Available electronically
Supreme disorder : judicial nominations and the politics of America's highest court / Ilya Shapiro. United States. Supreme Court--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.  MON KF8742 .S48 2020
International survey of STEM faculty: use of various bibliometric measures and services / Primary Research Group, Inc. Universities and colleges--Administration--Statistics.   Available electronically
Interpreting communal violence in Myanmar / edited by Nick Cheesman. Violence--Burma.   N,HBU HN670.7.Z9 V52 2018
International law and violence against women : Europe and the Istanbul Convention / edited by Johanna Niemi, Lourdes Peroni and Vladislava Stoyanova. Women--Crimes against--Law and legislation--Europe. N,EAA KJC8385.F36 I58 2020
Women, peace and security in Myanmar : between feminism and ethnopolitics / edited by Åshild Kolås. Women--Political activity--Burma.  Available electronically
Women and gender in international history : theory and practice / Karen Garner. Women--Political activity--History. Available electronically
The other America : white working class perspectives on race, identity and change / Harris Beider and Kusminder Chahal. Working class whites--United States--Social conditions. Available electronically
Research handbook on the World Intellectual Property Organization : the first 50 years and beyond / edited by Sam Ricketson. World Intellectual Property Organization. Available electronically
China's implementation of the rulings of the World Trade Organization / Weihuan Zhou. World Trade Organization--Rules and practice.  Available electronically

October 2021 New Government Resources

Title Call Number
Department of Defense appropriations for fiscal year 2020 : hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, first session, on H.R. 2968/S. 2474, an act making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, and for other purposes. D,USG Y 4.AP 6/2:S.HRG.116-256
Future of Defense Task Force report 2020 / House Armed Services Committee. D,USG Y 4.AR 5/2:F 98
Voting rights and election administration in the U.S. Virgin Islands and other territories : hearing before the Subcommittee on Elections, Committee on House Administration, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, second session : July 28, 2020. D,USG Y 4.H 81/3:V 94/45
Article I : constitutional perspectives on the responsibility and authority of the Legislative Branch : meeting of the Committee on Rules, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, second session, Tuesday, March 3, 2020. D,USG Y 4.R 86/1:AR 7