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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions at the Pritzker Legal Research Center of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

August 2018 New Books

Title Subject Call Number
Black men in law school : unmatched or mismatched? / Darrell D. Jackson. African American law students -- United States. MON KF299.A35 J33 2018
Boats, borders, and bases : race, the Cold War, and the rise of migration detention in the United States / Jenna M. Loyd and Alison Mountz. Alien detention centers -- United States. MON KF4800 .L69 2018
Understanding zoos : a multidisciplinary consideration about ex-situ-conservation, surplus animals and euthanasia / Goetz Hildebrandt, Kai Perret, Klaus Eulenberger, Jörg Junhold, Jörg Luy. Animal welfare -- Law and legislation. MON K3620 .H55 2017
A practical approach to animal welfare law / Noël Sweeney. Animal welfare -- Law and legislation. N,BUK KD3424 .S94 2017
Arctic Ocean shipping : navigation, security, and sovereignty in the North American Arctic / by Donald R. Rothwell. Arctic Ocean -- Navigation -- Law and legislation. MON KZA1667 .R68 2018
Criminal jurisdiction over armed forces abroad / Rain Liivoja (University of Melbourne) ; with a foreword by Eyal Benvenisti (University of Cambridge). Armed Forces in foreign countries. MON K4725 .L55 2017
Refuge lost : asylum law in an interdependent world / Daniel Ghezelbash. Asylum, Right of. MON K3268.3 .G54 2018
The bill of lading : holder rights and liabilities / Frank Stevens. Bills of lading. MON K1178 .S74 2018
Kafkaesque laws, Nisour Square, and the trials of the former Blackwater guards / Marouf A. Hasian, Jr. Blackwater Worldwide -- Corrupt practices. MON KZ6418.5 .H29 2018
Blasphemy and freedom of expression : comparative, theoretical and historical reflections after the Charlie Hebdo massacre / edited by Jeroen Temperman, Erasmus University Rotterdam, András Koltay, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest. Blasphemy -- Law and legislation. MON K5305 .B57 2017
Intellectual disability and the death penalty : current issues and controversies / Marc J. Tassé and John H. Blume. Capital punishment -- United States. MON KF9227.C2 T37 2018
Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on child-friendly healthcare. Child health services -- Europe. N,EAA RJ103.E85 G85 2018
Claiming citizenship rights in Europe : emerging challenges and political agents / edited by Daniele Archibugi and Ali Emre Benli. Citizenship -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE5124 .C587 2018
Citizenship in India / Anupama Roy. Citizenship -- India. N,HIA KNS2140 .R69 2016
From common rules to best practices in European civil procedure / Burkhard Hess and Xandra E. Kramer (eds.). Civil procedure -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE3802 .F76 2017
The Code of Civil Procedure = Kodeks postępowania cywilnego / tłumaczenie, Anna Rucińska, Marta Świerkot, Katarzyna Tatar ; weryfikacja, Adam Piwakowski ; wydawca, Joanna Ablewicz, Joanna Szypulska. Civil procedure -- Poland. N,EPL KKP1704.31964 .A52 2016
Principles on climate obligations of enterprises / Expert Group on Climate Obligations of Enterprises. Climate change mitigation -- International cooperation. MON K3585.5 .E97 2018
Understanding the sources of early modern and modern commercial law : courts, statutes, contracts, and legal scholarship / edited by Heikki Pihlajamäki, Albrecht Cordes, Serge Dauchy, Dave De ruysscher. Commercial law -- History. MON K1006 .U43 2018
Punitive damages in private international law : lessons for the European Union / Cedric Vanleenhove Conflict of laws -- Damages. N,EAA K7093.D3 V36 2016
Cross-border debt recovery in the EU : a comparative and empirical study on the use of the European uniform procedures / Elena Alina Onțanu. Conflict of laws -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE4170 .O58 2017
The takeover of public companies as a mode of exercising EU treaty freedoms / Maciej Mataczyński (ed.). Consolidation and merger of corporations -- Law and legislation -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE6467 .T35 2017
State constitutional politics : governing by amendment in the American states / John Dinan. Constitutional amendments -- United States -- States. MON KF4555 .D56 2018
Contextualizing constitutionalism : multiparty democracy in the African political matrix / Gedion Timothewos Hessebon. Constitutional law -- Africa. N,IAA KQC524 .H47 2017
New challenges to constitutional adjudication in Europe : a comparative perspective / edited by Zoltán Szente and Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz. Constitutional law -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE5053 .N49 2018
A matter of interpretation : federal courts and the law : an essay / by Antonin Scalia ; with commentary by Amy Gutmann, editor, Gordon S. Wood, Laurence H. Tribe, Mary Ann Glendon, Ronald Dworkin ; with a new introduction by Akhil Reed Amar ; and a new afterword by Steven G. Calabresi. Constitutional law -- United States -- Criticism and interpretation. MON KF4552 .S28 2018
Constitutional argument and institutional structure in the United States / Nicholas Papaspyrou. Constitutional law -- United States -- Interpretation and construction. MON KF4552 .P37 2018
Waves in contract and liability law in three decades of Ius commune / editors, Anne Keirse, Marco Loos. Contracts -- Europe. N,EAA KJC1720 .W38 2017
European contract law and the Digital Single Market : the implications of the digital revolution / edited by Alberto de Franceschi. Contracts -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE1640 .E972 2016
The making of a new European legal culture : the Aarhus Convention : at the crossroad of comparative law and EU law / edited by Roberto Caranta, Anna Gerbrandy, Bilun Müller. Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (1998 June 25) N,EAA KJE6242 .M35 2018
European software directives and European software patents / Alexandru Cristian Strenc. Copyright -- Computer programs -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE2695 .S77 2017
Beyond the code : protection of non-textual features of software / Noam Shemtov, Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Queen Mary, University of London. Copyright -- Computer programs -- United States. MON K1443.C6 S54 2017
On European companies in private international law / Maria Kaurakova. Corporation law -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE2451 .K387 2017
Corporate friction : how corporate law impedes American progress and what to do about it / David Yosifon. Corporation law -- Political aspects -- United States. MON KF1414 .Y67 2018
The European Court of Justice and the policy process : the shadow of case law / Susanne K. Schmidt. Court of Justice of the European Communities. N,EAA KJE5461 .S36 2018
The Court of Justice of the European Union : subsidiarity and proportionality / by Kate Shaw. Court of Justice of the European Union. N,EAA KJE5461 .S53 2018
Courts and democracies in Asia / Po Jen Yap. Courts of last resort -- Asia. N,HAA KNC462 .Y37 2017
Cross examination in a nutshell / Joseph C. Bodiford. Cross-examination -- United States. MON KF9658 .B63 2018
Protection of immovable cultural heritage properties in terms of climate change : legal and strategic framework of adaptation / Dr. Tamara Gajinov & Dr. Zoltan Vig. Cultural property -- Protection -- Law and legislation -- Serbia. N,ESE KKZ5769 .G35 2017
Data protection in Germany : including EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 / Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, Paul Voigt. Data protection -- Law and legislation -- Germany. N,EGA KK6071.5 .B875 2017
Secession on trial : the treason prosecution of Jefferson Davis / Cynthia Nicoletti. Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889 -- Trials, litigation, etc. MON KF223.D3855 N53 2017
Family law in perspective / Walter J. Wadlington, Raymond C. O'Brien, Robin Fretwell Wilson. Domestic relations -- United States. MON KF505.Z9 W33 2018
The law of schools, students, and teachers in a nutshell / Kern Alexander, M. David Alexander. Educational law and legislation -- United States. MON KF4119.85 .A42 2018
Cybersurveillance in a post-Snowden world : balancing the fight against terrorism against fundamental rights / Edited by Russell L. Weaver, Steven I. Friedland, Arnaud Raynouard, Duncan Fairgrieve. Electronic surveillance -- Law and legislation. MON K5480 .C93 2017
An international legal framework for geoengineering : managing the risks of an emerging technology / Haomiao Du. Environmental geotechnology -- Law and legislation. MON K3585.5 .D8 2018
Environmental law : a very short introduction / Elizabeth Fisher. Environmental law. MON K3585 .F574 2017
Environmental mediation : an international survey / edited by Catherine Choquette and Véronique Fraser. Environmental mediation. MON K3585 .E633 2018
The governance of disease outbreaks : international health law : lessons from the Ebola crisis and beyond / Leonie Vierck, Pero A. Villareal, A. Katarina Weilert (eds.). Epidemics -- Prevention. MON RA651 .G68 2017
Safe and free, democratic security and human rights : democratic security debates at the Council of Europe 2015-2017. Europe -- Politics and government -- 21st century. N,EAA JN13 .S24 2018
Core socio-economic rights and the European Court of Human Rights / Ingrid Leijten (Leiden University). European Court of Human Rights. N,EAA KJC5132 .L45 2018
EU energy relations with Russia : solidarity and the rule of law / Umut Turksen. European Union -- Russia (Federation) N,EAA KJE5112.R87 T87 2018
Structural principles in EU external relations law / edited by Marise Cremona. European Union countries -- Foreign relations -- Law and legislation. N,EAA KJE5105 .S77 2018
Laying foundations for introducing evidence, 2018 / Richard L. Miller II (Wexler Wallace LLP Chicago). Evidence (Law) -- Illinois. S,IL KFI1740.Z9 M55 2018
Expert rules : 100 (and more) points you need to know about expert witnesses / Paul J. Zwier, Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, GA; David M. Malone, Trial Run Inc., Washington, DC ; contributions by John W. Zwier, Carlson Caspers, Minneapolis, MN. Evidence, Expert -- United States. MON KF8961 .M355 2018
Controversies in American federalism and public policy / edited by Christopher P. Banks. Federal-state controversies -- United States. MON KF4612 .C66 2018
Armed conflict and forcible displacement : individual rights under international law / edited by Elena Katselli Proukaki. Forced migration. MON KZ6530 .A749 2018
Conflicting philosophies and international trade law : worldviews and the WTO / Michael Burkard. Foreign trade regulation -- Philosophy. MON K3943 .B87 2018
Protecting forest and marine biodiversity : the role of law / edited by Ed Couzens, Alexander Paterson, Sophie Riley, Yanti Fristikawati. Forest biodiversity conservation -- Law and legislation. MON K3488 .P75 2017
Art and authority : moral rights and meaning in contemporary visual art / K.E. Gover. Freedom and art. MON NX180.F74 G68 2018
The reach of free movement / Mads Andenas, Tarjei Bekkedal, Luca Pantaleo, editors. Freedom of movement -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE6417 .R43 2017
Religious liberty in a Lockean society / Elissa B. Alzate. Freedom of religion -- United States. MON KF4783 .A947 2017
Free exercise of religion and the United States Constitution : the Supreme Court's challenge / Mark P. Strasser. Freedom of religion -- United States. MON KF4783 .S76 2018
Freedom of speech and information in global perspective / Pekka Hallberg, Janne Virkkunen. Freedom of speech. MON K3254 .H34 2017
Introduction to trade policy / Aluisio de Lima-Campos and Juan Antonio Gaviria. General Agreement on Trade in Services (1994 April 15) MON K3840 .L56 2018
Advancing food integrity : GMO regulation, agroecology, and urban agriculture / by Gabriela Steier. Genetically modified foods -- Law and legislation. MON K3927 .S74 2018
Adult guardianships, advance directives, and mental health law / chapter authors, Kate Curler [and twelve others]. Guardian and ward -- Illinois. S,IL KFI1306 .A938 2018
Incitement to terrorism / edited by Anne Bayefsky, Laurie R. Blank. Hate speech -- Law and legislation. MON KZ7177.I53 I53 2018
Human rights in international relations / David P. Forsythe. Human rights -- Political aspects. MON K3240 .F67 2018
Litigating religions : an essay on human rights, courts, and beliefs : the Alberico Gentili Lectures, 2015 / by Christopher McCrudden, FBA. Human rights -- Religious aspects. MON K3240 .M3846 2018
Cultural rights in international law and discourse : contemporary challenges and interdisciplinary perspectives / By Pok Yin S. Chow. Human rights. MON K3240 .C527 2018
New technologies for human rights law and practice / edited by Molly K. Land, University of Connecticut School of Law, Jay D. Aronson, Carnegie Mellon University Dept of History. Human rights. MON K3240 .N497 2018
Indigenous peoples' cultural heritage : rights, debates and challenges / edited by Alexandra Xanthaki, Sanna Valkonen, Leena Heinämäki and Piia Nuorgam. Indigenous peoples -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Congresses. MON K3247 .I5247 2017
Human rights dilemmas in the developing world : the case of marginalized populations at risk / [edited by] E. Ike Udogu and Sambuddha Ghatak. Indigenous peoples -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Developing countries. MON K3247 .H84 2018
Intellectual property jurisdiction strategies : where to litigate unitary rights vs national rights in the EU / Torsten Bjørn Larsen, associate professor, Aalborg University, Denmark. Intellectual property -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE2636 .L37 2017
The work and play of the mind in the information age : whose property? / Phillip Kalantzis-Cope. Intellectual property -- Social aspects. MON K1401 .K345 2018
Intellectual property : patents, trademarks, and copyright in a nutshell / Arthur R. Miller, Michael H. Davis. Intellectual property -- United States. MON KF2980 .M52 2018
Intellectual property and the new international economic order : oligopoly, regulation, and wealth redistribution in the global knowledge economy / Sam F. Halabi (University of Missouri). Intellectual property (International law) MON K1402 .H35 2018
Contemporary and emerging issues on the law of damages and valuation in international investment arbitration / edited by Christina L. Beharry. International commercial arbitration. MON K2400 .C6675 2018
Visions of justice : liber amicorum Mirjan Damaška / edited by Bruce Ackerman, Kai Ambos and Hrvoje Sikirić. International Criminal Court -- Congresses. MON KZ7235 .A36 2015
Elgar encyclopedia of international economic law / edited by Thomas Cottier, Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, with Jonas Baumann, Brigitts Imeli, and Julian Powell, assistant editors, Rebecca Gilgen, language editor. International economic relations -- Encyclopedias. MON K3820 .E34 2017
Global capital markets : a survey of legal and regulatory trends / edited by P.M. Vasudev, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa, Canada; Susan Watson, Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. International finance -- Law and legislation. MON K4430 .G578 2017
Rückblick nach 100 Jahren und Ausblick Migrationsbewegungen : mit Diskussion : with English summaries of the reports / herausgegeben von Nina Dethloff, Georg Nolte, August Reinisch ; Rede von Sigmar Gabriel ; Referate und Thesen von Daniel-Erasmus Khan [and 7 others]. International law -- Congresses. MON KZ1240 .B472 2017
The misery of international law : confrontations with injustice in the global economy / John Linarelli, Margot E Salomon, and Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah. International law -- Economic aspects. MON K3820 .L56 2018
Sovereign rules and the politics of international economic law / Marc D. Froese. International law -- Economic aspects. MON KZ1252 .F76 2018
Essays on international law / by Graeme Baber. International law. MON KZ3410 .B32 2017
The contribution of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to the rule of law: 1996-2016 = La contribution du Tribunal international du droit de la mer à l'état de droit: 1996-2016. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea -- Congresses. MON KZA5200 .C66 2016
Forum shopping in international investment law : forum planning, forum enhancement, and facilitation of procedure : assessment and limits / Björn P. Ebert. Investments -- Law and legislation. MON K1112 .E24 2017
International investment treaties and arbitration across Asia / edited by Julien Chaisse, Luke Nottage. Investments, Foreign -- Law and legislation -- Asia. N,HAA KNC747 .I56 2018
Civil society in investment treaty arbitration : status and prospects / by Farouk El-Hosseny. Investments, Foreign -- Law and legislation. MON K3830 .E42 2018
Reconceptualizing international investment law from the Global South / edited by Fabio Morosini, Michelle Ratton Sanchez Badin. Investments, Foreign (International law) MON K3830 .R434 2018
International humanitarian law vs. Shari'ah : the compatibility of the international humanitarian law and the Islamic jurisprudence / Aida Hadzic. Islamic law. MON KB260 .H33 2017
Shariah : what everyone needs to know/ John L. Esposito, Natana J. Delong-Bas. Islamic law. MON KBP144 .E87 2018
Embedded courts : judicial decision-making in China / Kwai Hang Ng (University of California, San Diego), Xin He (City University of Hong Kong). Judicial process -- China. N,HCP KNQ1679 .N45 2017
Constitutional rights and constitutional design : moral and empirical reasoning in judicial review / Paul Yowell. Judicial review. MON K3175 .Y69 2018
Jury selection handbook : the nuts and bolts of effective jury selection / Ronald H. Clark, Thomas M. O'Toole. Jury selection -- United States. MON KF8979 .C53 2018
Islam, law and the modern state : (re)imagining liberal theory in Muslim contexts / Arif A. Jamal. Justice, Administration of (Islamic law) MON KBP1572 .J36 2018
Juvenile Proceedings -- Today and Tomorrow / Pawel Kobes (ed.) ; [translations: Anna Petrykow]. Juvenile delinquency -- Germany. N,EAA HV6940.7 .J884 2015
In the shadow of Korematsu : Democratic liberties and national security / Eric K. Yamamoto. Korematsu, Fred, 1919-2005 -- Trials, litigation, etc. MON KF7224.5 .Y36 2018
Authoritarian legality in China : law, workers, and the state / Mary E. Gallagher. Labor laws and legislation -- China. N,HCP KNQ1274 .G35 2017
Game changers in labour law : shaping the future of work / editors, Frank Hendrickx, Valerio De Stefano ; contributors, Mariya Aleksynska [and seventeen others]. Labor laws and legislation -- Congresses. MON K1704.8 .G36 2018
Root-cause regulation : protecting work and workers in the twenty-first century / Michael J. Piore and Andrew Schrank. Labor laws and legislation. MON K1763 .P56 2018
Legal problems of China today / ed. by Yang Kaixiang. Law -- China -- Congresses. N,HCP KNQ68 .L443 2017
The collaborative economy and EU law / Vassilis Hatzopoulos. Law -- Economic aspects -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE6415 .H38 2018
Islamic law and empire in Ottoman Cairo / James E. Baldwin. Law -- Egypt -- History. N,IEG KRM130 .B35 2018
The harmonisation of national legal systems : strategic models and factors / Antonios E. Platsas, Associate Professor of Law, Higher School of Economics, National Research University, Moscow, Russian Federation. Law -- International unification. MON K605 .P53 2017
Liberal legality : a unified theory of our law / Lewis D. Sargentich, Harvard Law School, Massachusetts. Law -- Philosophy. MON K230.S2549 A35 2018
The idea of a pure theory of law / Christoph Kletzer. Law -- Philosophy. MON K339 .K54 2018
The politics of juridification / Mariano Croce. Law -- Political aspects. MON K487.P65 C79 2018
The powers of law : a comparative analysis of sociopolitical legal studies / Mauricio García-Villegas, National University of Colombia. Law -- Political aspects. MON K487.P65 G3613 2018
Re-thinking legal education under the civil and common law : a road map for constructive change / edited by Richard Grimes. Law -- Study and teaching. MON K100 .R48 2018
Methodologies of law and economics / edited by Thomas S. Ulen  Law and economics. MON K487.E3 M48 2017
Contemporary issues in law and economics / Thomas J. Miceli. Law and economics. MON K487.E3 M525 2018
Karman : a brief treatise on action, guilt, and gesture / Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Adam Kotsko. Law and ethics. MON K247.6 .A3313 2018
Envisioning legality : law, culture and representation / edited by Timothy D. Peters and Karen Crawley. Law and literature. MON PN56.L33 E58 2018
Law enforcement by EU authorities : implications for political and judicial accountability / edited by Miroslava Scholten, Michiel Luchtman Law enforcement -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE5087 .L39 2017
The lean law firm : run your firm like the world's most efficient and profitable businesses / Larry Port and Dave Maxfield. Law firms -- United States. MON KF318 .P67 2018
When lawyers screw up : improving access to justice for legal malpractice victims / Herbert M. Kritzer and Neil Vidmar. Lawyers -- Malpractice -- United States. MON KF313 .K75 2018
Double taxation and the League of Nations / Sunita Jogarajan. League of Nations. MON K4475 .J64 2018
Legal ethics, professional responsibility, and the legal profession / Gregory C. Sisk, Susan Saab Fortney, Charles Gardner Geyh, Neil W. Hamilton, William D. Henderson, Vincent R. Johnson, Katherine R. Kruse, Stephen L. Pepper, Melissa H. Weresh. Legal ethics -- United States. MON KF306 .S57 2018
International perspectives on the regulation of lawyers and legal services / edited by Andrew Boon. Legal services. MON K133 .I58 2017
Lord Chief Justice Mansfield : dark horse of the American Revolution / Ernest B. Lowrie. Mansfield, William Murray, Earl of, 1705-1793. MON KD621.M3 L69 2016
Gender and justice in family law disputes : women, mediation, and religious arbitration / edited by Samia Bano. Matrimonial actions. MON K672 .G46 2017
Philosophical foundations of neurolaw / Martin Roth. Medical laws and legislation. MON K3601 .R67 2018
Municipal law. Financing, tax, and municipal property / Stewart H. Diamond, general editor ; chapter authors, Thomas P. Bayer [and sixteen others]. Municipal corporations -- Illinois. S,IL KFI1631 .M864 2018
Family law : child-related issues in dissolution actions / chapter authors, Gemma B. Allen [and six others]. Parent and child (Law) -- Illinois. S,IL KFI1304 .F36 2018
Patents and innovation in mainland China and Hong Kong : two systems in one country compared / edited by Yahong Li. Patent laws and legislation -- China. N,HCP KNQ1194 .P387 2017
The Prohibition Era and policing : a legacy of misregulation / Wesley M. Oliver. Police regulations -- United States -- History. MON KF5399 .O45 2018
Compromise / edited by Jack Knight. Political ethics. PER K14 .O4 v.59
Political political theory : essays on institutions / Jeremy Waldron. Political science. MON JA71 .W243 2016
The use of force and international society Mikael Baaz. Political violence. MON JC328.6 .B33 2017
The American legal profession : the myths and realities of practicing law / Christopher P. Banks, Kent State University. Practice of law -- United States. MON KF300 .B35 2018
Presumption of innocence in peril : a comparative critical perspective / Anthony Gray. Presumption of innocence. MON K5469.P7 G73 2017
Trans-Atlantic data privacy relations as a challenge for democracy / edited by Dan Jerker B. Svantesson, Dariusz Kloza. Privacy, Right of -- European Union countries. MON K3263 .T736 2017
Chinese small property : the co-evolution of law and social norms / Shitong Qiao, the University of Hong Kong. Property -- China. N,HCP KNQ640 .Q53 2018
The unity of public law : doctrinal, theoretical, and comparative perspectives / edited by Mark Elliott, Jason N.E. Varuhas, Shona Wilson Stark. Public law -- Congresses. MON K3150.A6 P83 2016
Prosecution stories / by Bennett L. Gershman. Public prosecutors -- United States. MON KF9640 .G47 2017
Rethinking punishment / Leo Zaibert. Punishment -- Philosophy. MON K5103 .Z35 2018
Denying the spoils of war : the politics of invasion and nonrecognition / Joseph O'Mahoney. Recognition (International law) -- Case studies. MON KZ4041 .O43 2018
Regionalism in international law / Ján Klučka. Regionalism (International organization) MON KZ1273 .K573 2018
Human rights of migrants in the 21st century / edited by Elspeth Guild, Stefanie Grant and C. A. Groenendijk. Respect for persons -- Law and legislation. MON K3249 .H859 2018
A critical account of Article 106(2) TFEU : government failure in public service provision / Jarleth M. Burke. Restraint of trade -- European Union countries. N,EAA KJE6428 .B87 2018
Property and human flourishing / Gregory S. Alexander. Right of property -- Philosophy. MON K721.5 .A94 2018
Property, place and piracy / edited by James Arvanitakis and Martin Fredriksson. Right of property -- Philosophy. MON K721.5 .P765 2018
Risk and the regulation of uncertainty in International law / edited by Mónika Ambrus, Rosemary Rayfuse, Wouter Werner. Risk management -- Law and legislation. MON K487.R57 R575 2017
Defending the masses : a progressive lawyer's battles for free speech / Eric B. Easton. Roe, Gilbert E. (Gilbert Ernstein), 1865-1929. MON KF373.R557 E27 2018
Legally straight : sexuality, childhood, and the cultural value of marriage / Joe Rollins. Same-sex marriage -- Law and legislation -- United States -- History. MON KF539 .R65 2018
The justice of contradictions : Antonin Scalia and the politics of disruption / Richard L. Hasen. Scalia, Antonin. MON KF8745.S33 H37 2018
International and comparative secured transactions law : essays in honour of Roderick A Macdonald / [edited by] Spyridon V Bazinas and N Orkun Akseli. Security (Law) MON K1100 .I575 2017
Secured credit in Europe : from conflicts to compatibility / Teemu Juutilainen. Security (Law) -- Europe. N,EAA KJC1088 .J88 2018
Self-determination in disputed colonial territories / Jamie Trinidad. Self-determination, National. MON KZ1269 .T75 2018
Responsible enterprise : the emergence of a global economic order / by Birgit Spiesshofer. Social responsibility of business -- Law and legislation. MON K1329.5 .S6513 2018
Max Weber's interpretive sociology of law / Michel Coutu. Sociological jurisprudence. MON K370 .C73 2018
Judge & punish : the penal state on trial / Geoffroy de Lagasnerie ; translated by Lara Vergnaud. Sociological jurisprudence. MON K371 .L3413 2018
Law and performance / edited by Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, Martha Merrill Umphrey. Sociological jurisprudence. MON K376 .L3554 2018
Qualified appraisals and qualified appraisers : expert tax valuation witness reports, testimony, procedure, law, and prespective / Michael R. Devitt, Lawrence A Sannicandro. Tax assessment -- Law and legislation -- United States. MON KF6759.5 .D48 2018
Employees, trade secrets and restrictive covenants / edited by Christopher Heath and Anselm Kamperman Sanders. Trade secrets -- Law and legislation. MON K1577 .E48 2017
Cross-border insolvency : a commentary on the UNCITRAL model law / general editor Look Chan Ho. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-border Insolvency. MON K7510 .C755 2017
The electronic CISG : 7th MAA Schlechtriem CISG Conference, 26 March 2015, Vienna / Ingeborg Schwenzer and Lisa Spagnolo (eds.). United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980 April 11) -- Congresses. MON K1029.8 .A56 2015
The United Nations principles to combat impunity : a commentary / edited by Frank Haldemann and Thomas Unger ; assistant editor: Valentina Cadelo. United Nations. MON K3240 .U51 2018
The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : a commentary / edited by Jessie Hohmann, Marc Weller. United Nations. General Assembly. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. MON K3247 .U525 2018
Must we defend Nazis? : why the First Amendment should not protect hate speech and White supremacy / Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic. United States. Constitution. 1st Amendment. MON KF9345 .D43 2018
The heart of the Constitution : how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights / Gerard N. Magliocca. United States. Constitution. 1st-10th Amendments. MON KF4749 .M325 2018
The law of war : a detailed assessment of the US Department of Defense law of war manual / William H. Boothby, Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg. United States. Department of Defense. Office of General Counsel. Department of Defense law of war manual. MON KZ6385 .B664 2018
Plain meaning, precedent, and metaphysics : interpreting the elements of the Clean Water Act offense / Jeffrey G. Miller. United States. Federal Water Pollution Control Act. MON KF3790 .M55 2017
Law and international religious freedom : the rise and decline of the American model / Pasquale Annicchino. United States. International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. MON KF4650.A3281998 A5613 2018
The collision of political and legal time : foreign affairs and the Supreme Court's transformation of executive authority / Kimberley L. Fletcher. United States. Supreme Court -- History. MON KF8742 .F59 2018
Wrongful enrichment : a study in comparative law and culture / Nahel Asfour. Unjust enrichment -- European Union countries. MON K920 .A824 2017
Wage inequality in Latin America : understanding the past to prepare for the future / Julián Messian and Joana Silva. Wages -- Latin America -- History. N,LAA HD6061.2.L38 M47 2018
Wars of law : unintended consequences in the regulation of armed conflict / Tanisha M. Fazal. War (International law) -- History. MON KZ6385 .F39 2018
Military trials of war criminals in the Netherlands East Indies 1946-1949 / Fred L. Borch. War crime trials -- Indonesia -- History -- 20th century. MON KZ1185 .B67 2017
Inter-state water law in the United States of America : what lessons for international water law? / by Rhett Larson. Water rights -- United States -- States. MON KF5575 .L37 2017
Intersectionality in the human rights legal framework on violence against women : at the centre or the margins? / Lorena Sosa (Utrecht University). Women (International law) MON K644 .S65 2017
Unholy discrimination : an overview of the legal rules governing the consideration of the balance of interests between gender equality and the freedom of religion in access to leading spiritual offices / Denise Buser. Women's rights -- Religious aspects -- Catholic Church. MON BX2347.8.W6 B87 2017
A handbook on the WTO dispute settlement system / prepared by the Legal Affairs Division and the Rules Division of the WTO Secretariat, and the Appellate Body Secretariat. World Trade Organization -- Rules and practice. MON K4610 .W67 2017
Power versus law in modern China : cities, courts, and the Communist Party / Qiang Fang and Xiaobing Li. Zhongguo gong chan dang. N,HCP KNQ2760 .F38 2017