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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions at the Pritzker Legal Research Center of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

October 2023 New Books

Title Subject Call number
The Frederick Douglass Papers [electronic resource]. Series Three, Correspondence. Volume 3: 1866-1880. Abolitionists--United States--Correspondence.    Available electronically.
The Frederick Douglass papers. Series Three, Correspondence, Volume 2: 1853-1865 / John R. McKivigan, editor ; assistant editors James A. Hanna, Heather L. Kaufman, Whitney R. Smith. Abolitionists--United States--Correspondence.    Available electronically.
Making aggression a crime under domestic law : on the legislative implementation of article 8bis of the ICC statute / Annegret Hartig. Aggression (International law)  Available electronically.
Agricultural domestic support under the WTO : experience and prospects / Lars Brink, former advisor on agriculture to the Ministry of Canada; David Orden, Virginia Tech Research Center, Arlington. Agricultural subsidies--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
The Frederick Douglass Papers. Series Four, Journalism and Other Writings. Volume 1 / John R. McKivigan, editor. Antislavery movements--United States--History--Sources.    Available electronically.
Confucian culture and competition law in East Asia / Jingyuan Ma, Mel Marquis. Antitrust law--East Asia. Available electronically.
Research handbook on private enforcement of competition law in the EU / edited by Barry Rodger, Miguel Ferro, and Francisco Marcos. Antitrust law--European Union countries.   Available electronically.
Competition law in Latin America : a practical guide / edited by Julián Peña, Marcelo Calliari. Antitrust law--Latin America. Available electronically.
Authoritarian gravity centers : a cross-regional study of authoritarian promotion and diffusion / edited by Marianne Kneuer and Thomas Demmelhuber. Authoritarianism.  Available electronically.
The international law of biotechnology : human rights, trade, patents, health and the environment / Matthias Herdegen. Biotechnology--Law and legislation.    Available electronically.
Border nation : a story of migration / Leah Cowan. Boundaries--Political aspects. Available electronically.
Debating and defining borders : philosophical and theoretical perspectives / edited by Anthony Cooper and Søren Tinning. Boundaries--Study and teaching. Available electronically.
The Oxford handbook of children's rights law / edited by Jonathan Todres and Shani M. King. Children--Legal status, laws, etc.    Available electronically.
Imperativeness in private international law : a view from Europe / Giovanni Zarra. Civil law--European Union countries.  Available electronically.
Public service motivation and civic engagement : the role of pro-social motivations in shaping society / Fabian Homberg and Joyce Costello. Civil service.  Available electronically.
International law and policy on the protection of civilians / Stuart Casey-Maslen, University of Pretoria; Tobias Vestner, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). Combatants and noncombatants (International law). Available electronically.
Legal privilege and transnational evidence-taking : a comparative study on cross-border disclosure, evidence-shopping and legal privilege / René Jansen. Confidential communications--Lawyers.    Available electronically.
Constitutionalism and a right to effective government? / edited by Vicki C. Jackson, Harvard Law School, Yasmin Dawood, University of Toronto. Constitutional law.    Available electronically.
Consumer protection in Asia / edited by Geraint Howells, Hans-W Micklitz, Mateja Durovic, André Janssen. Consumer protection--Asia.    Available electronically.
Regulating social network sites : data protection, copyright and power / Asma Vranaki. Copyright.   Available electronically.
Research handbook of comparative criminal justice / edited by David Nelken and Claire Hamilton. Criminal justice, Administration of.  Available electronically.
Junk science and the American criminal justice system / M. Chris Fabricant. Criminal justice, Administration of--United States.   Available electronically.
EPISTEMOLOGY OF DEMOCRACY [electronic resource]. Democracy--Philosophy.  Available electronically.
Design rights : functionality and scope of protection / edited by Christopher V. Carani. Design protection. Available electronically.
Global activism and humanitarian disarmament / Matthew Breay Bolton, Sarah Njeri, Taylor Benjamin-Britton, editors. Disarmament. Available electronically.
Drones - Future of Aviation Law? : Interference of Public Law in Private Law. Drone aircraft--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
Backfire : how sanctions reshape the world against U.S. interests / Agathe Demarais. Economic sanctions--Political aspects. Available electronically.
The platform economy : designing a supranational legal framework / edited by Maxim I. Inozemtsev, Elina L. Sidorenko, Zarina I. Khisamova. Electronic commerce--Law and legislation.  Available electronically.
Resident foreigners : a philosophy of migration / Donatella Di Cesare, translated by David Broder. Emigration and immigration--Philosophy.  Available electronically.
Liquid borders : migration as resistance / edited by Mabel Moraña. Emigration and immigration--Social aspects--Case studies. Available electronically.
Governing carbon markets with distributed ledger technology / edited by Alastair Marke (Blockchain & Climate Institute), Michael A. Mehling (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Fabiano de Andrade Correa (Blockchain & Climate Institute). Emissions trading--Law and legislation.   Available electronically.
Locating nature : making and unmaking international law / edited by Usha Natarajan, Julia Dehm. Environmental law, International.   Available electronically.
Defrosting the Cold War and beyond an introduction to the Helsinki process, 1954-2022 / Richard Davy. European cooperation. Available electronically.
Feminist responses to injustices of the state and its institutions : politics, intervention, resistance / edited by Kym Atkinson, Úna Barr, Helen Monk and Katie Tucker. Feminist criminology.  Available electronically.
Biosafety measures, technology risks and the World Trade Organization : thriving and surviving in the age of biotech. Foreign trade regulation--Environmental aspects. Available electronically.
Political participation on social media : the lived experience of online debate / Elizabeth Anne Bailey. Forums (Discussion and debate)--Great Britain.  Available electronically.
Promoting religious freedom in an age of intolerance / Barbara A Rieffer-Flanagan (Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Central Washington University, US). Freedom of religion.    Available electronically.
Business, religion and the law : church and business autonomy in the secular economy / Matteo Corsalini. Freedom of religion--United States.    Available electronically.
The fight for free speech : ten cases that define our First Amendment freedoms / Ian Rosenberg. Freedom of speech--United States.  Available electronically.
Sustainable public procurement of infrastructure and human rights : beyond building green / edited by Olga Martin-Ortega and Laura Treviño-Lozano. Government purchasing--Law and legislation. Available electronically.
Rethinking historical jurisprudence / Geoffrey Samuel. Historical jurisprudence.   Available electronically.
Immigrant crossroads : globalization, incorporation, and placemaking in Queens, New York / edited by Tarry Hum, Ron Hayduk, Francois Pierre-Louis Jr., and Michael Alan Krasner. Immigrants--New York (State)--New York.    Available electronically.
The imposteress rabbit breeder : Mary Toft and eighteenth-century England / Karen Harvey. Impostors and imposture--England--History--18th century.  Available electronically.
Building abolition : decarceration and social justice / edited by Kelly Struthers Montford and Chloë Taylor. Imprisonment.  Available electronically.
Democracy at work : contract, status, and post-industrial justice / Ruth Dukes, Wolfgang Streeck. Industrial relations. Available electronically.
Inheritance and the right to bequeath : legal and philosophical perspectives / edited by Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch, Daniel Halliday, and Thomas Gutmann. Inheritance and succession.   Available electronically.
Boundaries of information property / edited by Christine Godt, Geertrui Van Overwalle, Lucie Guibault, Deryck Beyleveld. Intellectual property--Europe.   Available electronically.
Seville's EU intellectual property law and policy. Intellectual property--European Union countries.    Available electronically.
Intelligence and espionage : secrets and spies / Daniel W.B. Lomas and Christopher J. Murphy. Intelligence service.   Available electronically.
Private international law and arbitral jurisdiction / Faidon Varesis. International commercial arbitration. Available electronically.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards : a concise guide to the New York Convention's uniform regime / Franco Ferrari, Friedrich Rosenfeld, and Charles Kotuby. International commercial arbitration.    Available electronically.
Alternative approaches to human rights : the disparate historical paths of the European, inter-American and African regional human rights systems / Christopher Roberts. International human rights courts--Europe. Available electronically.
International human rights law : theory and practice / Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi. International law and human rights. Available electronically.
Post-backlash human rights law / by Sanja Dragić. International law and human rights--Political aspects.  Available electronically.
Research handbook on international law and human security / edited by Gerd Oberleitner. International law. Available electronically.
The international legal system as a system of knowledge / by Ulf Linderfalk. International law--Interpretation and construction.   Available electronically.
Routledge handbook of public diplomacy / edited by Nancy Snow & Nicholas J. Cull. International relations--Handbooks, manuals, etc.   Available electronically.
The imperial discipline : race and the founding of international relations / Alexander E. Davis, Vineet Thakur, Peter Vale. International relations--History.  Available electronically.
Digital citizenship in a datafied society / Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik and Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. Internet in public administration. Available electronically.
Making the world safe for investment : the protection of foreign property 1922-1959 / Andrea Leiter, University of Amsterdam. Investments, Foreign (International law)--History.  Available electronically.
Jus gentium in humanist jurisprudence : on justice and right / by Susan Longfield Karr. Law--Europe--Roman influences. Available electronically.
Theories of legal relations / Emmanuel Jeuland. Law--Philosophy.  Available electronically.
Lawyers for the poor : legal advice, voluntary action and citizenship in England, 1890-1990 / Kate Bradley. Legal assistance to the poor--England--History--19th century.    Available electronically.
Revisiting Marx's critique of liberalism : rethinking justice, legality and rights / Igor Shoikhedbrod. Liberalism.   Available electronically.
The narrow corridor : states, societies, and the fate of liberty / Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson. Liberty.    Available electronically.
Nuclear disarmament : a critical assessment / edited by Bård Nikolas Vik Steen and Olav Njølstad. Nuclear disarmament.    Available electronically.
Jeffersonians in power : the rhetoric of opposition meets the realities of governing / edited by Joanne B. Freeman and Johann N. Neem. Opposition (Political science)--United States--History--18th century.  Available electronically.
Radical American partisanship : mapping violent hostility, its causes, and the consequences for democracy / Nathan P. Kalmoe and Lilliana Mason. Party affiliation--United States.    Available electronically.
License to travel : a cultural history of the passport / Patrick Bixby. Passports--History.  Available electronically.
Disability representation in film, TV, and print media / edited by Michael S. Jeffress. People with disabilities in mass media.    Available electronically.
Polarization : what everyone needs to know / Nolan McCarty. Political culture--United States.   Available electronically.
Politics is for power : how to move beyond political hobbyism, take action, and make real change / Eitan Hersh. Political participation--United States. Available electronically.
Routledge handbook of character assassination and reputation management / edited by Sergei A. Samoilenko, Martijn Icks, Jennifer Keohane, Eric Shiraev. Political psychology--Case studies.  Available electronically.
Infinite mobilization : towards a critique of political kinetics / Peter Sloterdijk ; translated by Sandra Berjan. Political psychology--History--20th century.    Available electronically.
Advocacy networks and the responsibility to protect : the politics of norm circulation / Sarka Kolmasova. Responsibility to protect (International law). Available electronically.
Queering narratives of domestic violence and abuse : victims and/or perpetrators? / Catherine Donovan, Rebecca Barnes. Same-sex partner abuse.   Available electronically.
The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights : a commentary / edited by Barnali Choudhury. Social responsibility of business.  Available electronically.
Integrating social care into the delivery of health care : moving upstream to improve the nation's health / Committee on Integrating Social Needs Care into the Delivery of Health Care to Improve the Nation's Health, Board on Health Care Services, Health and Medicine Division. Social service--United States.   Available electronically.
Safeguarding against statelessness at birth : international law and domestic legal frameworks of ASEAN member states / Rodziana Mohamed Razali. Statelessness--Southeast Asia.    Available electronically.
The Cambidge handbook of shareholder engagement and voting / edited by Harpreet Kaur, National Law University Delhi, Chao Xi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Christoph Van der Elst, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Anne Lafarre, Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Stockholders. Available electronically.
Combating terrorism in the 21st century : American laws, strategies, and agencies / Joseph R. Rudolph, Jr. and William J. Lahneman, editors ; contributors, Benjamin V. Allison [and others]. Terrorism--Law and legislation--United States.  Available electronically.
The transitional justice citizen : from justice receiver to justice seeker / Briony Jones (Reader of International Development, Politics and International Studies Department, University of Warwick, UK). Transitional justice.  Available electronically.
How the Court became Supreme : the origins of American juristocracy / Paul D. Moreno. United States.--Supreme Court--History.    Available electronically.
The politics of surviving : how women navigate domestic violence and its aftermath / Paige L. Sweet. Victims of family violence--Services for--United States.    Available electronically.
Undocumented motherhood : conversations on love, trauma, and border crossing / Elizabeth Farfán-Santos. Women noncitizens--United States--Biography.    Available electronically.
Universal citizenship : Latina/o studies at the limits of identity / R. Andrés Guzmán. World citizenship.   Available electronically.
Searching for Savanna : the murder of one Native American woman and the violence against the many / Mona Gable. Indian women--Violence against--United States. MON HV6250.4.W65 G33 2023
Secured finance transactions : taking security, deal structures and emerging markets / consulting editor, Dominic Griffiths. Security (Law)  MON K1100 .S39 2022 
Legislating fatness : current debates in weight discrimination, policy, and law / edited by Stephanie von Liebenstein. Discrimination against overweight persons--Law and legislation.  MON K3242.4 .L44 2023
Sports law : a concise introduction / Jack Anderson. Sports--Law and legislation.  MON K3702 .A53 2023  
Exploring the mind of God : an introduction to Shi'ite legal epistemology / by Hashim Bata. Islamic law--Philosophy.  MON KBP430 .B38 2023  
The Oxford handbook of administrative justice / edited by Marc Hertogh, Richard Kirkham, Robert Thomas, and Joe Tomlinson. Administrative procedure--United States.  MON KF5407 .O94 2022 
Free to judge : the power of campaign money in judicial elections / Michael S. Kang and Joanna M. Shepherd. Judges--United States--States.  MON KF8776 .K36 2023 
The idea of Economic Constitution in Europe : genealogy and overview / edited by Guillaume Grégoire and Xavier Miny. Constitutional law--Economic aspects--European Union countries.    N,EAA KJE4445 .I34 2022 
Family law : preliminary considerations in dissolution actions / chapter authors, David C. Ainley [and twelve others]. Divorce--Law and legislation--Illinois. S,IL KFI1294 .F365 2023 
Elements of Illinois law : domestic relations and juvenile law / authors, Emily J. Rapp, Nrupa A. Patel. Domestic relations--Illinois.   S,IL KFI1294 .R37 2023  
Disputes involving closely held companies, 2023 / chapter authors, Chidinma O. Ahukanna [and eight others]. Close corporations--Illinois.  S,IL KFI1415.C55 D57 2023
Municipal law : organization, operation, and governance, 2023 / Stewart H. Diamond, general editor ; chapter authors: Matthew W. Beaudet [and sixteen others]. Municipal corporations--Illinois.  S,IL KFI1631 .M865 2023