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Transactional Law & Drafting Resources

A Guide to Transactional and Drafting Resources at Northwestern University School of Law


Drafting tools allow you to minimize errors by quickly identifying inconsistencies or missing information in the documents you have drafted and/or by comparing your documents with other existing transactional documents. 

Draft Analyzer (Bloomberg Law)

Draft Analyzer allows you to compare your draft language against documents from the DealMaker database (EDGAR exhibits) to verify whether your draft language utilizes market standard language. You can either drag and drop a Word document or text file or copy and paste text into the box. 

After you click the green "Analyze" button, your draft language will be compared against (with redlines) EDGAR exhibits. 

Drafting Assistant (Westlaw)

Drafting Assistant can be used for transactional and litigation documents. To access Drafting Assistant, click on the downward triangle in the upper left corner of Westlaw and select "Drafting Assistant.'

For transactional documents, the tool integrates model documents and automated templates and analyzes documents against precedent. Upload a Word document to run the program.