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New Exhibit: Trial and Error

by Brittany Adams on 2023-11-21T14:46:00-06:00 in Historical Collections, News | 0 Comments


"There is nothing in the law," Clarence Darrow once declared to a group of women lawyers.

The legendary attorney, whose career included the Scopes Money Trial as well as Chicago's Leopold and Loeb case, is a difficult man to pin down. Caught up in whirlwind of righteous causes, scandal, and moral limbo, Darrow is a figure best understood through the in-between— uniting his best and worst moments as a man of the law. The Pritzker Legal Research Center’s new exhibit, Trial and Error, examines Darrow’s complex and prolific career through close historical analysis of these moments and his legacy. Featuring materials from the Arnold Greenberg Clarence Darrow Collection, the exhibit cases will be updated over the coming months with many of the "trials” and “errors" from Darrow's life.

To view the exhibit, visit the first floor the Rubloff Building and McCormick Hall.


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New Exhibit: Trial and Error


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