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Counterfeit Medicines in Nigeria


Public international law governs relationships between national governments and/or intergovernmental organizations. For more detailed guidance on how to research international human rights law, please see our International Human Rights Law Research Guide

Global Health Law

For guidance on researching global health law, please see the GlobaLex Research Guide on Global Health Law

UN Specialized Agencies and Entities or Bodies

Websites for UN specialized agencies and other entities or bodies provide access to reports, data/statistics, press releases, and other information on falsified or substandard medicines. 

African Union

The African Union is a regional organization that consists of 55 member states located on the African continent. The AU, officially launched in July 2002, is the successor to the Organization of African Unity (OAU) (1963 - 1999). 

The AU proposed establishing a specialized agency called the African Medicines Agency (AMA) to facilitate harmonization of regulatory requirements for medicines and to serve as a regulatory body of medicines and medical products throughout the African Union. The AU adopted the Treaty for the Establishment of the African Medicines Agency in February 2019, but this regional treaty is not yet in force because it still is awaiting 15 ratifications from AU member states. Status information for this treaty is available here (click on "Status List" document).