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Pritzker Legal Research Center COVID-19 Updates

Student Study Access to Pritzker Legal Research Center

The Pritzker Legal Research Center (PLRC) is very pleased to announce that we are beginning a phased reopening of selected areas of the Law Library on Wednesday, June 17 for student study use.

The first phase of reopening will allow the limited use of the Library’s open floor study areas on the 2nd and 3rd floor.  To limit potential exposure, allow for social distancing, provide for cleaning, yet still provide the broadest availability to the student community, the following policy and procedures are to be followed in order to access the Library’s study spaces:

1.    Access is limited to ten (10) students at a time for a maximum of four (4) hours.  There will be two study periods available each day: 9:00am to 1:00pm, and 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday only.  Students must complete this form in order to obtain access to the Law Library.  Students will enter and leave via the Law School’s main entrance at 375 E. Chicago Avenue.   

2.    In order to limit exposure and provide the broadest access, students can only sign-up for one study period per day and are expected to leave the building when their time expires.  

3.    In order to maintain separation and allow for disinfecting and cleaning, students must use the 2nd floor study areas during the 9:00am – 1:00pm period and the 3rd floor study areas during the 1:00pm to 5:00pm period.

4.    The 4th floor remains closed.  Group study rooms are not to be used.

5.      Only the students who complete the form are permitted to access the Law School and the Library.  No friends, partners, roommates, “hold the door open”, etc.   

6.       Students are required to follow University health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks at all times, maintaining social distancing, and are asked to use the tables or carrels at one person per table/carrel.   

7.     To aid with cleaning and disinfecting, students are to take a paper marker available at the Library entrance and place it on the table where they sat.

8.      The printer and copier in Room L215 will be available.  Please limit yourself to one person in the room at a time.  Please be judicious in your use of the printer and copier, as it may be a few days before the machines can be refilled.  If the paper or toner runs out, please contact

9.     If you use any Library materials, please place them on the available book carts for disinfection and reshelving.

10.   No in-person services will be provided by the PLRC staff. While there may be times when a small number of staff may be working in the Center’s administrative offices, students are asked to continue to use the Center’s website, chat, email ( or and other remote communication for service requests.  

11.   The Atrium and other parts of the Law School remain closed and are not to be used, except as needed to access the Library.


Student access to the Law School buildings and the Pritzker Legal Research Center under this policy is governed by the Honor Code and the Student Disciplinary Code of Conduct.  Any violations may subject the student to discipline and may result in further access being restricted.  The PLRC and the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law may modify or discontinue this access should conditions change.